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- pm replied - added a photo of the splitter (on request)
happy new year
Quote: Originally Posted by Skylab Oh, I will get to it eventually - I'm just not in any great rush. ... I always appreciate your `subjective´ reviews. Happy New Year
S O L D FOR SALE are the Grado GS1000i I bought in December from a head-fier (maxfazer). The headphones are in flawless conditions. They have a chocolate colour semi gloss/matt mahogany finish. Supplied are the original extension cord (without 1/4" to 1/8" adapter) and the invoice dated from Sept 2009. (Like I got it.) I am looking for ... EURO (after second little price drop), shipping (inside EU) included. Paypal add 2%. [I have too many Grados. This one has to go to a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Skylab I have not tried the T1 on the J Sound Lab yet. I will try to do that is weekend. Thx in advance. Especially reading your comparison with the DX1000 aroused my interest.... S E A S O N greetings r.
Quote: Originally Posted by Skylab I have the RSA Stealth, which is similar in some ways to the Raptor, and the T1 sound great with the Stealth. I mean really great. So the Raptor should be a good choice. Skylab, I appreciate your impressions of the T1!!! Have you ever tried the T1 with the J.Soundlab amp? (Hope to get mine sometimes after a long Odysee ...) Are the 600 Ohms of the T1 a heavy load?
Really intriguing descriptions. I appreciate it very much. Any more amp experiences? I.e. IBassos, J.Soundlab headphone ...
I looked again at his listing on ebay eBay Verkäufer: weddner: Audio Hi-Fi I have to confess that I do not know these vintage headphones: Marantz SD-5, Trio / Kenwood KH-51, BEYERDYNAMIC DT150, Pioneer SE-305, Revox RH-3000, DERO D-1000 .... Might be of interest for some head-fiers
I followed some ebay auctions for AKG K1000. You seem to be right. But PS1 are rare .... I e-mailed the seller. He really is giving away his collection.
Quote: Originally Posted by plonter can all head-fiers who compared the RS1 and the HF2 (both with bowls) can approve that the HF2 has more bass quantity and less sharp spiky highs? if you can answer with just yes or no it will be great, thanks. In my ears the HF2 has more upper bass but the RS1 goes deeper. Highs of the HF2 are a bit more reserved but RS1 more resolved.
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