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Quote: Originally Posted by Gu Sensei I was quite surprised to see a pair of T1s on display at a big audio store in Osaka a few days ago. So surprised, in fact, that I rubbed my eyes and did a ‘double take.’ At which point they were gone. I was then truly shocked to look down and notice my wallet empty and a strange weighty shopping bag clutched greedily in my hands. So much for that new SACD player I was shopping for... ... Hope this helps!...
~sale pending~
Quote: Originally Posted by wower I'm closely looking at getting the T1 sight unseen while moon audio still has the intro offer up. The only thing that worries me is that well Shige-san says the yammy is good up to 600 ohms, he notes the optimal loading is 50 ohms. Saw the 6moons, didn't see the trafomatic but I'm sticking with the yammy for sentimental reasons. Overall I really am happy with it long term. Might get to try the yammy with an HD800 in Feb. I...
:. .:. ..:. .... little price drop 2
Quote: Originally Posted by wower No. No mods. I like my AD2000 and am looking for another headphone to compliment them so I change it up when I feel like it. My system has been stable for a while now and I have settled on getting a phone to increase sound stange, more balanced than the awkward sound stage of the AD2000. Might be a job for HD800 or T1. I havn't listened to either ..... You surely have read the sixmoons review of the HD800, while...
._._._._. pms replied ._._._._._. some interest ._._._._._._. it's really the i version
Hi Ryuzoh, are there some news about the MB-1 or MB-2 DAC? Would be interested in one.
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x2 will be more interesting to read more impressions about the T1 ..... i.e. with different amps.
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