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:. .:. ..:. .... little price drop 2
Quote: Originally Posted by wower No. No mods. I like my AD2000 and am looking for another headphone to compliment them so I change it up when I feel like it. My system has been stable for a while now and I have settled on getting a phone to increase sound stange, more balanced than the awkward sound stage of the AD2000. Might be a job for HD800 or T1. I havn't listened to either ..... You surely have read the sixmoons review of the HD800, while...
._._._._. pms replied ._._._._._. some interest ._._._._._._. it's really the i version
Hi Ryuzoh, are there some news about the MB-1 or MB-2 DAC? Would be interested in one.
._._._. pms replied
x2 will be more interesting to read more impressions about the T1 ..... i.e. with different amps.
:. .:. ..:. .... little price drop
- pm replied - added a photo of the splitter (on request)
happy new year
Quote: Originally Posted by Skylab Oh, I will get to it eventually - I'm just not in any great rush. ... I always appreciate your `subjective┬┤ reviews. Happy New Year
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