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Well, I am speaking of volume levels around 8 to 10 o'clock. The Yamamoto shall be optimized to Audio Technica phones, low impedance .... (but work for high impedance phones, too). Strange behaviour ..... and it sounds really fine with the RS1. It sounds fine with the T1, too, but with a very tight bass. I thought a bad (impedance) match would lead to a wooly bass ... and low treble.  
I appreciate the T1 very much, running with D10, J.SoundLab headphone amp or Yamamoto HA-02. The presentation is really different. While the sound is more warm with full bodied voices on the iBasso D10 (with PopPulse DAC as source, with the D10 DAC there is less bass) , it is very smooth with the J.SoundLab (the impulses are "rounded", softened). The transparence of the T1 on the Yamamoto is really stunning. Also the sound is lighter, the bass very firm, the treble...
Quote: Originally Posted by JaZZ You seem to forget the rest of the membrane (see the many other holes on the driver): The sound waves coming from them are reflected on the plastic surface behind them, back to and through the driver/membrane, thus mixed with the direct sound waves. The term «reflex» is misleading. It's not a phase-inversion system à la bass-reflex speakers, just a vent. And the way it's designed it will reflect mid and high frequencies...
I got my T1 on Friday, therefore it is really young, running now two days continuously. My first impressions: The finish is really fine, form and material, touch and look .... The headphone is very amplifier sensitive. With a J.Sound Lab single ended triode it sounds very smooth with a bit blown up bass region. With an iBasso D10 (BGmod) it sounds warm and full bodied. With a Yamamoto HA-02 it sounds "taller" with controlled bass region, smooth midrange and silky treble....
Sounds interesting ..... There are some photos from inside and the back on page 8 of this thread http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f7/abr...69/index8.html
Looks fine
Thanks for the description of the sound character of the different caps in the D10. I will stay with my BGs D10. Just listened to the Pop Pulse PCM1796 DAC over the D10 amp section and compared to the internal DAC. It is not bad. The D10 DAC sounds smoother, piano tones are a bit rounded, soundspace is a bit more compact. In contrast the (unmodified) Pop Pulse is cleaner and more open.
Yes I get the feeling that the top mid range sounds a bit veiled (the lower mid range - lower sax notes - is fine). Maybe the GS1k needs longer burn in (now appr. 200 hours). I remember that the RS1 and HF2 needed much more time. I also can go back to the WE tubes, using Philips NOS now.
Well, I am not a good reviewer ..... In my chain, with the Monica DAC in front of the Yamamoto, the sound of the GS1k is very smooth from bottom to top. Compared to the HF2 the bass goes deeper, the sound(head)space is much bigger. Every instrument is located at its place. But in opposite to the HF2 the whole presentation is more laid back. There is a welcome warmth coming from a slight emphasis of the top-bass to low-midth region but overall the sound is well balanced...
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