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Are there any experiences in using a M2tech HiFace USB stick?
HiFlight/Ron, thanks for the review/comparison. (I also see the extented dynamics, cleaner sound, firmer bass when going from SE to balanced on the PB1.)
Here are some:   iBasso D2, D2+, D3, D4 -TI PCM2706 iBasso D10 - TI PCM2906 Nuforce uDAC - TI PCM2706 DacMagic - C-Media CM-108 Meier Corda Symphony - DIR9001   Cheers Reiner
Hello. Seems to be that some have ordered the DAC. What's your experience with it? Does anyone know how it compares to the North Star 192 DAC(s)?   Thanks - and a nice summer (winter for the southern hemisphere)
Thanks for the informations. Nice setup. Heavy portable rig ..... :) (I think I will wait for the second or third generation iPad. It may become lighter and faster ....) Would be interested how the t5p compares to the T1. Does it have the same sound signature, resolution? (Just a technical question. Which cable does Beyerdynamic use for the T5p? For the T1 they use the Sommer Peacock Mk II (OFC) dual mic cable.) Cheers Reiner
For those interested in adapter solutions. I changed the original plug of the T1 to a five pin Neutrik XLR plug. The adapter connects the iBasso to a five pin XLR cable socket using Mogami cable (2893 Mini Quad), which is thinner than the Beyerdynamic/Sommer cable Peacock MK II. A second adapter connects the original plug to a five pin XLR socket. Cheers   ::::::::::::::::: I used the following pin configurations: For the Hirose/iBasso plug (from the...
The PB1 can drive the T1 easily. For normal listening level in SE it's at 10 to 11 o'clock. In balanced mode it's at 9 o'clock. There is plenty of power. In my first impression (built a balanced adapter today) bass and treble are more forward in balanced mode, in SE a bit more laid back. Will burn it in for a while ... Cheers
I couldn't resist in trying the little Yammy with some speakers. Looking for some small, (relatively) high efficient speakers I tripped over some tangband horn speakers - the D4-1. - - The sensitivity does not look really high, but the 88db/W work for me in a 20qm room. It sounds fine with a very detailed midrange, a firm but not very deep bass and a smooth treble. A bit of fullrange - SE tube amp magic. Cheers
Thanks ...... Interesting reading ....
I asked Srajan Ebaen by mail which amp he prefers (Burson, Woo, Trafomatic Audio Head One, iDecco or even Yamamoto, he owned before). His reply: It works great with all amps. Seeing the Burson is cooler than the tubed Woo, the latter simply emphasizes the greater warmth of the T1.   Cheers
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