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Thanks for the work, John.
For those looking for an USB-SPDIF interface, this one works fine with the iPad and any DAC with coax digital in.   http://www.ha-info.com/english/ngcoax.htm
Thank you. Marco from m2tech confirmed: hiFace can't operate from the USB of an iPad as there are no drivers for its OS.  
I tested some DACs with the camera connection kit. iBasso D10 - works flawlessly (charge off) Sigtone h1 - without any trouble PopPulse PCM 1796 DAC - first an error message, but after reconnection works fine USB monica NOS DAC - no problems   + tried connecting the PopPulse DAC several times and got no more error messages
Boomslang offer is online on iBasso site http://www.ibasso.com/en/products/show.asp?ID=61  
Thanks Chris and grokit for the information about the HiFace....
I do not know whether someone has posted this link. It is leading to the german press release for the T5p. At the bottom of the page there are the technical informations and some pictures. Release date: September 2010 http://www.beyerdynamic.de/presse/pressemitteilungen/presse-detail/article/t5p-klang-oase-zum-mitnehmen-beyerdynamic-bringt-den-ersten-mobilkopfhoerer-mit-high-end-an.html   Cheers Reiner
Are there any experiences in using a M2tech HiFace USB stick?
HiFlight/Ron, thanks for the review/comparison. (I also see the extented dynamics, cleaner sound, firmer bass when going from SE to balanced on the PB1.)
Here are some:   iBasso D2, D2+, D3, D4 -TI PCM2706 iBasso D10 - TI PCM2906 Nuforce uDAC - TI PCM2706 DacMagic - C-Media CM-108 Meier Corda Symphony - DIR9001   Cheers Reiner
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