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Go get a longer runtime on the battery. (Seems to be bad for some camera users, who want to upload their photos to the ipad, too. Maybe it is a bug and will be changed in the next update of the IOS????)
I just read that Apple reduced the power limit for USB devices from 100mA to 20mA in IOS 4.2.1. Several USB hubs, incl. T3hub, seem to be a workaround.   Cheers
iBasso DB1 Boomslang does not work connected directly but does work with T3hub for me.   Cheers
I am thinking about selling my iBasso D10 because I use it rarely.   It was bought 04/2009. Modified with rare Blackgate NX caps. + iBasso opamp kit (LMH6643MA, AD8656,ADA4841-2,AD8532A,blank) + TopKit one (with AD743/8616) and two (with AD744 OBclassA/EL8201) + an all new battery from iBasso!   No scratches or marks. Looks like new.   180 EURO + shipping.   Europe (or D) prefered - no custom or tax inside Europe.   Any...
For me the question is more theoretical. In real I prefer at home the chain - macbook>DAC>......   Never tried an active hub in an audio setup .... size and weight seems not to be an advantage of an active hub (+ power supply).
You need no power. :)
Might work with factory reset. (?) (But the iPad feels faster with 4.2.1 and Keynote 1.3 seems to have got some new features when using the pad as a presenter.)
My D10 connected directly doesn't work any more BUT my little workaround (might work for ALL portable DACs)   I connected a Dr.Bott T3Hub (I have the old USB1.0 version) between the connection kit and the DAC and now D10 and the Sigtone h1 work! http://www.drbott.net/product/3116-THSW/   Cheers
I updated to 4.2.1. So far I can tell that the HA Info NG Coax USB interface and the PopPulse PCM 1796 DAC works fine.   With the Sigtone / Shek h1 I get the error message - no work - (Maybe I have to load the battery of the Shek completely before connecting because it wants to load over USB at once.) USB Monica DAC doesn't work any more, too.   Cheers
Hello, why not use some adapters, i.e cinch/RCA to cinch/RCA + some angled adapters? I use something like this to connect an USB/SPIF interface to a DAC. (A little adapter chain: RCA plug - BNC socket, BNC plug - BNC plug, BNC angled, BNC - RCA, I used BNC because I thought these plugs to be 75 OHM. Who knows.)
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