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Small price drop.   Will sell for 220USD/165EURO + shipping.   The amp was used always indoors, more for comparisons to other equipment.   Cheers
Private messages replied. Some interest - no deal until now.   Remember that the D10 + opamp kit + Topkits opamps + Blackgate caps is a value of appr. 400 USD. And it comes in mint conditions with a new original battery.
Go get a longer runtime on the battery. (Seems to be bad for some camera users, who want to upload their photos to the ipad, too. Maybe it is a bug and will be changed in the next update of the IOS????)
I just read that Apple reduced the power limit for USB devices from 100mA to 20mA in IOS 4.2.1. Several USB hubs, incl. T3hub, seem to be a workaround.   Cheers
iBasso DB1 Boomslang does not work connected directly but does work with T3hub for me.   Cheers
I am thinking about selling my iBasso D10 because I use it rarely.   It was bought 04/2009. Modified with rare Blackgate NX caps. + iBasso opamp kit (LMH6643MA, AD8656,ADA4841-2,AD8532A,blank) + TopKit one (with AD743/8616) and two (with AD744 OBclassA/EL8201) + an all new battery from iBasso!   No scratches or marks. Looks like new.   180 EURO + shipping.   Europe (or D) prefered - no custom or tax inside Europe.   Any...
For me the question is more theoretical. In real I prefer at home the chain - macbook>DAC>......   Never tried an active hub in an audio setup .... size and weight seems not to be an advantage of an active hub (+ power supply).
You need no power. :)
Might work with factory reset. (?) (But the iPad feels faster with 4.2.1 and Keynote 1.3 seems to have got some new features when using the pad as a presenter.)
My D10 connected directly doesn't work any more BUT my little workaround (might work for ALL portable DACs)   I connected a Dr.Bott T3Hub (I have the old USB1.0 version) between the connection kit and the DAC and now D10 and the Sigtone h1 work!   Cheers
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