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Lowered the price.   Nice weekend   Cheers   Reiner
Because rarely used (and I am no collector), I want to sell my Grado HF-2 limited #2XX in original box with number and signature of John Grado. I am the first user. The headphones are in "like new" conditions, how I got them. I am thinking at xxx EURO + shipping. (Including customs and tax inside Europe)   Kind Regards   PS.: I can add some original big G-cushions (GS/PS1000), only used for testing.   [old feedback at...
Hello, sounds like an earth loop. Removing an earth connection on DAC or source might work.   On my Yamamoto I recognized that some RCA plugs do not connect fine. Try some other RCA cable.....   Kind Regards
Yamamoto A-08S      
PM replied.   Here a photo of the accessories. from left to right: Original caps, opamps (iBasso kit + TopKits), screws, power supply, leather pouch, toslink cable, usb cable.
Here a picture from the board with the Blackgate caps.  
Small price drop.   Will sell for 220USD/165EURO + shipping.   The amp was used always indoors, more for comparisons to other equipment.   Cheers
Private messages replied. Some interest - no deal until now.   Remember that the D10 + opamp kit + Topkits opamps + Blackgate caps is a value of appr. 400 USD. And it comes in mint conditions with a new original battery.
Go get a longer runtime on the battery. (Seems to be bad for some camera users, who want to upload their photos to the ipad, too. Maybe it is a bug and will be changed in the next update of the IOS????)
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