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Hi all,   Looking for a pair of open back headphones that will primarily be used for gaming. One thing I am struggling with is that I want to use them both while connected to my PC (where I can hook them up to an amp) or sometimes plugged directly into an Xbox One Controller without an amp. So basically something that sounds good un-amped but will also benefit from being amped (I guess everything does - but I mean more than just a little).   Price range is ~$150-$300...
My shure 210's just crapped out and am looking for a replacement.  I'd really like to make the jump up to a dual (or more) driver iem and am thinking about the Shure 315's, but I thought I'd hear what other people recommend.  I listen to mostly alternative rock (and sometimes a little rap).  Thanks for the input!
So I'm building a new pc and am trying to decide which sound card to get. I think I'll be getting a set of Swan M10's (but still open to recommendations), so something to drive those to their potential would be nice. I do a bit of gaming and listen to music a lot as well. So something with EAX is a plus. I've been thinking about getting the auzentech prelude, but not too sure. Also, the newer x-fi titaniums...how do they compare to the older ones? A pci-e card...
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