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Quote: Originally Posted by joeshmo1985 Ugh, so many options. The Denons are nice, no doubt. I've also seen a lot of praise for the monster turbines on the forums, as well as many recommendations for the hf5. Can anyone offer any further guidance? Are any of these easier to drive with only an ipod? How about comparisons on sound signature? I'll offer some further guidance. Go to Walmart and buy some JVC Marshmallows for $20.00 and see if you even...
Quote: Originally Posted by RipRapRob My Sansa Fuze played wonderfully for 3 weeks. Well, it still does, but i refuses to charge and it is 'invisible' to my computers (tried on 3 different), so no loading music on the player (luckily I have a 4 Gb Micro SDHC card, and an adapter). I bought a new - original - cable on eBay, but that didn't fix the problem (a few people on SanDisk's Sansa Community suggested it might be the cable). So tomorrow I'm...
I'd have to go for the 67 Chevelle SS. Always wanted another one since I wrapped mine around a tree 25 years ago!
Here you go. http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f4/jvc-fx33-mod-223642/
Quote: Originally Posted by RipRapRob OK, that's it! I've placed my order for a 8 Gb black Sansa Fuze. It will be delivered Monday. Thank you, for helping me decide what DAP to purchase. You guys are great! I didn't know you could get the 8 gig Fuze in black.
Quote: Originally Posted by montell How are the controls and the UI on the clip and fuze? That is actually my biggest concern. How fast and easy is it to navigate between menus, search for songs and forward/rewinding in tracks. To be honest, the UI is rather boring. But, I find it very easy to use. I keep my Fuze in my shirt pocket and have no trouble navigating the basics like volume, pause, FF, and rewind without taking it out.
Quote: Originally Posted by yukihiro Picked one of these up last week from Circuit City. I should have just waited and ordered it online, but I was too excited to get something new after receiving my sr325i's. I am coming from a Sansa e260 which was MORE expensive at the time. The Fuze simply kills the e260 in every way possible in my opinion. Sandisk really stepped it up on this one. Improvements over the e260: No more loud hiss (Fuze is virtually...
Welcome to the forum! You might try the UE Super fi4's, they are very small and your wool hat should fit fine over them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Maxvla Not to sting you too badly, but my humble Zune flash player with Q-Jays has no detectable hiss even at what would be too loud to listen to, using simple mp3's at 320k/s. I'm not using any dock/amp/filter, etc. Try listening to Foo Fighters The Colour and the Shape album 2nd song Monkey Wrench at timestamp 0:11-0:13. There's an intro then a huge pause. I get no hiss at all even playing the song at uncomfortable...
I just lowered the price to $80.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone?
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