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sent a pm!
Payment Sent!
Wow.  I hope I get chosen.
Good Day!     I also missed the Amazon Gold Box TF10 deal and now I'm hoping to get one from you.  I'm from the Philippines but I can arrange for you to send the item to a US-addressed package forwarder and pay you through Paypal.  I hope you still have one left.   Thanks!
Ok. So closed headphones would be better. Radio Shack is out of reach here. And also below is their rank according to price. HD201 being the cheapest. Sennheiser HD201 Philips SHP2700 Philips SBC HP840 Pioneer SE-MJ5 Philips SHP8500 So I was thinking of getting the SHP8500 since it might probably give more performance because of its price. But looks like most people would prefer the HD201. Should I get the HD201? It would really be helpful if someone here...
Unfortunately, those are the only ones available that are within my budget. They don't carry the Koss label. I'm not a sound enthusiast(yet) so I'm planning to buy a better one after some time when I start to enjoy listening. Ok. What do you mean by closed? Is it about the structure? Thanks.
I'm a newbie and I don't have a lot of experience when it comes to headphones. I want to purchase one but I can't decide what to buy because I don't understand a thing about their specs. I don't know how to measure the sound quality and anything else that I need to consider. Right now, these are the choices I have, which are available in a local store near me. My budget is low so I don't want to make a mistake, that is why I want the experts to choose the best one...
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