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I have a Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies headphone amplifier and USB DAC.  This unit has the solid state power supply.  I've been using it to drive my Sennheiser HD-650s without any problem whatsoever.  It has that great Woo Audio sound and functions as a great DAC.     The unit was purchased new from Woo Audio in October 2012.   There is a wealth of information regarding the unit on the Woo Audio website.   I also have a pair of the $100 upgraded Harmonix tubes that I'm...
For sale, one pair of Stax SR-404LE earspakers.  From the photos, you can see the earspeakers are in mint condition, with light use in a non-smoking house.  I'm selling as I recently upgraded to a pair of the Stax SR-007 earspeakers.     Price is $700 plus shipping.   
Good point, spritzer. I did remember it wasn't entirely stock.
Thanks for the information. It's a nice looking amp.
The current bid is still considerably lower than what Spitzer asked for his. But then again, his was modified.
I, too, aspire one day to own a machine worthy of inclusion on this list.
Elephas - that's quite an Esoteric stack you've got. I'm curious how much of a sonic difference the clock makes. Who made the amp on the right side of the picture?
Quote: Originally Posted by El_Doug I have not spent any significant time with either of those ss amps. Still, the KGSS never really impressed me as an upgrade to the 717 - they sounded very similar. Granted, in meet conditions, it is exceedingly hard to detect various subtleties of detail and texture. The GES is probably my top choice for 'stat bang-for-the-buck - very similar to the WES, though a bit more rolled off and with a slightly smaller...
Quote: Originally Posted by hentai Just wanna share with you my experience of modified 727a. The amp was modified by a local hifi technician who has 30 years of experience. He told me that the power supply used in the 727a amp was pretty basic. Though some stax experts here may not like 727a and feel skeptical about the 'upgrade' I did with the amp, I feel that my modified 727a sounds very good and better than the stock one. Better clarity, more expressive...
Leo, HeadphoneAddict has heard both and posted his comments on The Stax thread (New) in the High-end Audio Forum. He does a good job of describing the particular aspects of each and comparing and contrasting each. I am a big fan of Woo (I have a GES) and once funds permit, I plan on buying the WES. Good luck.
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