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 "Blues For Django And Stefan" - The Rosenberg Trio
 Soft Cell
 If you set the volume to max on your hp amp, the pot has almost zero resistance. That's why I recommend that one sets the hp amp to max and control the volume through your source or preamp. This way the var pot at the amp has minimal affect on the input signal.
 "Summertime Blues" - Brian Setzer
I bet most of these headphone amps just have a variable pot resistor that attenuates the voltage input. So if you remove that pot you have a headphone amp. BTW I have a speaker amp like that and I just removed the var pot.
 "Marwa Blues" - George Harrison
 "Bronx Blues" - Stan Getz & Oscar Peterson
 "Mistreated But Undefeated Blues" - The Ray Brown Trio
 "Wedding Bell Blues" - The 5th Dimension
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