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 Your DAC has a high output that's why your QP1R is on low gain. Most smartphones don't have much power, that's understandable, their battery won't last long.
I've asked the Audeze person here for the efficiency spec, he never replied.   Efficiency is usually in dB/milliwatt and usually with a frequency like 1kHz. Its the measure of loudness with a given power.
 You also need a really good phono preamp that can easily cost $5K. At one time I had a VPI 19 TT, ET2 air bearing arm, Sumiko Boron high output MC cartridge. For phono, I had a VTL Ultimate tube preamp. I compared it against the best Linn DAC/Transport at the time. The phono was better, to my ears, it had an ease that was absent with the Linn digital.
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 But they haven't published the efficiency. I bet your ES5 is super efficient.
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The first mod is to remove the screen
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