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 I specifically commented about the Krell not other amps. I never said that Krells are accurate, whatever that means. What soundstage you hear is only what the mike has captured and subsequently recorded. How would one know the true soundstage when one was not there when the performance was recorded?
 "Looking Through The Eyes Of Love" - Melissa Manchester
Reviews and/or commentaries, formal or informal, positive or negative, can have an impact on a product, hence a manufacturer's revenues. And if one is just a small start-up and can't afford to advertise, comments here about their product can make or break a start-up.
 (thanks! hehehe) "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue" - Crystal Gayle btw 
 (i'm sure he doesn't have the hair any longer ) Yvonne Elliman
 "Looking With My Eyes" - Dionne Warwick
 Twisted Sister
 "Ruby's Eyes" - Tommy Emmanuel
 Ini Kamoze
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