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No "4 Way Street" by Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young? Santana's "Live At The Fillmore '68". I'm a big UFO fan, "Strangers In The Night".
 "The Bitch Is Back" - Elton John
 buffalo chicken wings
 Ring?  No fuz mod, the only mod I did was I removed the cotton and the black cloth.
My HE-6 has only 4 screws, I got it back in Nov. '10.
 Lewis is not far behind. 
 The HE-6 scales with the amp's sound quality. I'm using two different speaker tube amps and both sound different on the HE-6. I would expect the HE1K at least to be the same.
 for the hottest
 "Pared Back To The Minimal" - The Caretaker
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