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Hey, I'm selling this amp because I need to buy a new interface for my recording setup. This amp is in great condition. I've had it for about a year, non smoker, audio engineering student who takes care of his stuff. The specs are:    2 RCA inputs (LR) 1/4" output Takes 110v (Power cord included) Power consumption: 2W (quiescent), 6W (MAX) Adapted load impedance: 32-600 ohms Max output: 1000mw x 2 @32 ohms to 64 ohms 250mw x 2 @ 250 ohms 120mw x 2 @600...
Eugene bought my ath-ad900 headphones. Quick payment and easy communication! Great buyer.
bumpy bump
Philip sold me his ATH-AD900 headphones. I can easily say he provided one of the best transactions i've ever had. He shipped same day even though he had to rush to the post office, insured it without even asking for extra money, and was a very clear and quick communicator. A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ seller. Thanks Philip!
I can vouch for kchau being a good business man, so don't let his low post count scare you off.
I don't if this hasn't been said already but here's my advice: If you're into a girl, try to talk to her like she's someone you're not interested in. I have always found that I have really good conversations with girls i'm not interested in and then the ones I really like or that i'm attracted to, trip me up. It may seem weird but I think it allows you to relax and hold the girl in such high regards so that you can actually notice she's only another human. Give it a shot...
I will be there with 2 friends I'm trying to get into head-fi! And no I'm not trying to make them slim down their wallets. lol.
Oh man i'm sorry about your elbow injury! Those are the worst. I used to have a bad case of tennis elbow and it prevented me from lifting for a while but now i'm better. Yeah it's kinda fun being a smaller guy and lifting a lot. Makes me feel strong haha. However, I guess it's nothing compared to what those big dudes can lift hahaha.
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