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    Thank you for your insight. I know I won't get a bright sound like the CK 10 but I'm happy to compromise as far as I have more clean and sparkly highs than what the IE8 gave me (according to my taste, obviously). I think it will be a tough call between the 2 and maybe a third contender like the Monster MD edition suggested by another member.  
  Thank you for your feedback. Based on what you've said I think that I would choose the MTPC as I like the sparkly highs (that's why I owned the CK10 in the past). Now it'd be nice to know how they compare with the W3
If you keep the middle button and the menu button pressed at the same time for a few seconds it will shut down, then restart it again and hopefully it will be OK after reboot
So, to summarise a bit, it seems that the W3 and SM3 are the most suggested models (if we exclude the TF10 since I could not find them comfortable as previously mentioned). Some mentioned the MTCP and the MD edition. It'd be great to know if anyone has compared W3 and SM3 with the other 2 models from Monster. As I said in this thread there's next to no option to audition any of these so I will spend my hard earn money based on a "majority" vote so a big thank you to...
Ianmedium, I've given the IE8 a good month of regular listening but I can't say how many hours (maybe 60?). I know it's not the 200 you are mentioning but to get to the stage where I'd have been happy with they would have had to transform into literally something else. I concur with the fact that we're have different ways of hearing music, just like wine or food taste.
Can you say that the MD have better highs than the IE8?
Trust me, i tried...not to say begged! I think, although nice to deal with, they take advantage of the fact they are the only ones in Perth to specialize in headphones and carry a good range. You can try any headphones but when it's down to earphones you can only try what they have as a sample.
I know mate, I purchased a few from them already, but they only let you audition the samples they are given from some manufacturers (mainly Sure and UE). If they don't have a test unit they don't open the box and let you try them.
There was also a suggestiond for the Westone 3 (which are available here in Australia), how do they compare to the SM3 and the Monster Turbine Copper as they were the other models suggested? Sorry about all the questions, but I just want to try to make the right purchase this time and most of these models I have to buy without having the chance to try them first
Well, my IE8 have sold on ebay so I'm  "earphoneless" now
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