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Since I no longer have the IE800 I thought to resuscitate this tread and see if there are any more suggestions or models that in the meantime have been released that they would fit the purpose. Cheers
I'm selling my beloved Sennheiser IE800. They are in as new condtions. Unfortunately as they are never get used it's time to find them a new home for someone that can appreciate them. All accessories included as well as an extra pair of medium oval tips purchased separately (and they're not cheap!).Won't post outside Australia, sorry.
I'm not an audiophile so you have to excuse my terminology. I like the crisp sound of the 800. I'm a treble guy at heart and that's where the IE win me over the 846.
Yes, I just can't get used to the sound unfortunately and I don't think that with time is going to change much. I keep on going back to the IE800. I guess it's really personal taste...
I've bought these yesterday (15th of July) and I still prefer my IE800 so they're up for grab. Someone can snatch a bargain and benefit from my expensive mistake since I can't return them for a full refund. Paid $1199. I can send them registered post and insured (postage and insurance to be paid by buyer on request). I'll provide the receipt for the warranty. All the accessories included, except there was only 1 triflange tip in the set. No International shipping,...
As I mentioned I love the sound of the IE800 in particular the crisp highs so I would like to stay with the same signature. Budget can be up to $1500 and yes I paid retail for the ie800.Cheers
They do fit well, is that I don't find them very comfortable after a while. The tips are proprietary and not easy to find alternatives.
Thank you.Any particular model you can suggest?
Hi all. I love the sound of my IE 800 but somehow they are that comfortable for me (tried different tips) so I was wondering if there's an alternative out there that you can suggest. As I mentioned the sound is just about perfect for me so that's what I am aiming for with better comfort. I would consider customs if necessary. Thank you all in advance. Alex
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