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I know mate, I purchased a few from them already, but they only let you audition the samples they are given from some manufacturers (mainly Sure and UE). If they don't have a test unit they don't open the box and let you try them.
There was also a suggestiond for the Westone 3 (which are available here in Australia), how do they compare to the SM3 and the Monster Turbine Copper as they were the other models suggested? Sorry about all the questions, but I just want to try to make the right purchase this time and most of these models I have to buy without having the chance to try them first
Well, my IE8 have sold on ebay so I'm  "earphoneless" now
I read that now the 535 don't have the rolled off trebles anymore. Is that the case and if so would they be better than the trebles of the IE8?
I admit that the look of the Miles Davis Edition is fantastic but if the trebles are a bit more rolled off I'm not sure if I'm going to like them. I don't use earphones for long listening session, max an hour at a time.
What's the difference with the MTCP?
Looking at these two model which one would you go for if treble clarity and definition was the deciding factor?  
Thank you. By the W3 you mean the Westone 3?
How about the monster turbine copper? I have tried the Tf10 and althought i liked the sound i found uncomfortable and i used various foams and tips
Since I've posted a few comments here and there I thought to start a new thread about my quest for sound nirvana (according to my personal taste obviously). I bought a pair of CK10 as they were recommended as having great highs (which I love). Unfortunately the thin bass (sorry, best way I can describe them!) made sell them. I now have the IE8 that have plenty of bass, but the highs leave a bit to be desired, IMO. So is there an earphone that combines the best of both...
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