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Just checking, thank you.
Thank you. Is that based on your experience?
I meant sound wise. I love my IE800 but they're not the most comfortable earphones so I'd like to find something that sounds as close as possible to them but more comfortable to wear.
Any more impressions on the E70? I'd be interested to know how they compare with the IE800. Cheers.
These are less than a year old and they don't get used at all. They are as new provided in the original box with the CD included in the Jubilee edition. Any questions please PM me. Thank you.
Hi. Is anyone having issues with Acustoms in Melbourne? I've sent them a pair of customs to be reshelled 3 months ago and I have not being able to contact them since mid September. Tried to call and the it goes to a message bank of a mobile phone and no answer to emails. Shall I start to get worried and involve Consumer protection?   Cheers
Hardly used. Supplied with all accessories as per photos Buyer to pay for postage and PayPal fees. No overseas shipping
Thank you for the advise. I'd be interested to know a bit more. I'm in Australia so not "too far away "! You can pm the info if you like. Cheers!
Thank you.It looks like I might have to re invest in the IE800 again!
Hello again. Time for another bump of this thread to see if someone has more suggestions.   Thank you!
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