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My point exactly and if that happens I'd rather buying local
Since you have done that and I'm not in a rush I wouldn't mind wait and get your feedback in particular to see if you will have to pay GST upon arrival and if you're happy with the product:-) 
Just checked on Amazon and the cheapest one after shipping, exchange rate and the taxes I will have to pay comes to about $1500AUS. The RRP here is $1599
I will keep an eye, but the issue is the exchange rate between US and AUS $ as well as having to pay taxes when the item imported goes over $1000.
Thank you. I love devices with long battery life. Other options like the Fiio X7 or A&K 300 look good too but the battery life is too short for my taste. The only thing that holds me back at the moment is the cost of the Sony:-(
Awesome, thanks!
Do you guys get the battery life out of the ZX2 that Sony claims? And do you believe it still needs an amp? At the moment I'm running an iPod classic from an ADL Cruise with Beyerdynamic DT1770 Pro 250ohms.
Great, thank you!
I'd be interested in knowing the battery life. Thank you.
Can I ask you how you find the trebles? I like them quite bright as I have a pair IE800. Thank you.
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