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I'm quite happy with my W3. I find them nicely balanced with the right amount of trebles. I haven't tested the 535 but I sold my 530 as the trebles were rolled off. Good luck with your choice.
I did enjoy the Sa6 with the only criticism being the plastic treble ports. I'm really looking forward to laying my hands on a pair of these!
I have a pair bought in Japan last year and they sound amazing! You won't be disappointed
  Thank you for the link!. He's got some good deals on computer components too.  
Another fellow Aussie here, so whenever you hear of good deals please feel free to pass them on
For what my opinion is worth I've started with the CK10 as I love a bright and sparkling sound (read: lots of trebles), but in the long run I found them too bright even for my taste. I then went to the IE8, but I think that was too far in the opposite direction. I now have the W3 and I found that they are a good compromise for me. The selection of which tips fit best is a challenge for me too, but I think that, like SolidSnake, the long Comply seem the most comfortable....
Got your PM, thank you
Hi yello. Yes, the are the perfect balance I was looking for. I got an email from Wicked Digital for the FInal Audio and since I've never heard of them I thought it might have been interesting to share the news
Even if I just purchased the W3 I thought to spread the news that these earphones will be available in Australia soon. Don't know much about them though.
Now that I found out that, for me, the foams provided with the W3 are the most comfortable (I use the largest ones) your idea Lucozade now makes sense Where can I find those foams please?
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