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I have the MSR7 and I love them. Great overall sound, nice bass and crisp enough mids and trebles. I usually hate rolled off highs so this to me sounds perfect.
I'm trying to find something that replaces my IE800 and there are a few models I need feedback on. Please note that I will be solely relying on your feedback as I cannot audition any of these!!    - Campfire Jupiter or Andromeda  - JH Rosie or Angie II  - 64 Audio U5 Universal   or any other suitable model not listed here.   Thank you.
Brand New Sony NWZ ZX1. Impulsive buy done yesterday with very unhappy wife as a consequence so if I want to live I have to sell it! Happy to include registered post shipping with insurance to the value in the price. PayPal fees paid by the buyer. PM me for any questions, thank you.
Amen!It would be good to know what we need to do get the project started. I'm in Perth, but I'd be happy to help in any way I can. Cheers!
Had to buy my daughter a new phone because of the battery could keep the charge anymore (but I think was also time to buy her another one!), but I certainly see your point. That's exactly the reason why I like to hear any opinion as I believe there's no such thing as a bad idea!
I'm more concerned of the fact that with a shorter battery life the device needs to be recharged more often potentially decreasing the life span of the battery, but I'd love to be proved wrong as it would make my choice so much easier. I agree with you about the price though.
 I can't wait to be honest! I'm sure there are enough of us from Down Under in this forum that it could be a successful event! I'd book my flight from Perth right now!
It's a shame that all the other rivals have appalling battery life (unless I missed something). What a dilemma!
That's great, thank you very much!
Forgive my ignorance. Can you please explain how it works? Thank you.
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