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Do you guys get the battery life out of the ZX2 that Sony claims? And do you believe it still needs an amp? At the moment I'm running an iPod classic from an ADL Cruise with Beyerdynamic DT1770 Pro 250ohms.
Great, thank you!
I'd be interested in knowing the battery life. Thank you.
Can I ask you how you find the trebles? I like them quite bright as I have a pair IE800. Thank you.
No problem. Thanks anyway.
Hi. I have a pair of IE800 as well and I was considering adding the Rosie to the collection as I find the IE800 comfort and fit level not that great but I love the sound. Did you manage to have a listen? Thank you.
That's correct, but trying them on it's easier said than done (hence my request for feedback). There are only 2 specialized stores in town and only 1 of them has demos, but their range is limited. The other option would be to jump on a plane and fly to the other side of the country to either Sydney or Melbourne if I want a larger range, but something tells me my wife won't be happy about that!
Hi All. Well, the question is probably in the title. I'm trying to find a pair of earphones that have a sound signature as close as possible to the IE800, but that are more comfortable. I love the 800 crisp trebles, I generally can't stand rolled off high (ala Shure 535 for example). Just to give you an idea other headphones I own that I like are the AT MSR7 and the Fostex TH600. I'm not a bass head, but also I don't like the lack of it. I know it's not going to be easy...
Just checking, thank you.
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