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Hi. I have a pair that have been hardly used. All tips, carry case and accessories supplied. Please PM your offer and your location for postage calculation. Cheers.
Yeah, I might need to venture into some long reading!! I was thinking of exactly the same solution about the CK100. I might need to look into that too. So many threads, so little time!  
Thanks Joe. I like sound of the CK100 as they have nice and detailed highs (even more so than the W3 hence the switch) and as I said in the OP I don't mind boosting the bass a bit through EQ. I plan to buy one pair of Customs and keep them and since they're all individual due to the shape I want to try to get the model closest to my preferred sound before forking out the money.
Hi. After trying a few of the medium to high end iem earphones I'm thinking of taking the big step into customs. Since there seem to be a few options I'm chasing some suggestions from the users of this forum who are owners or have experience on customs. At the moment I'm using a pair of ATH-CK100 on a Cowon X7 and I'm happy with the sound (I moved from the W3) except that I give it a bit more bass through the EQ. Ideally that's the sound signature I'd like to...
Hi Smuh. Thank you for the photos. I've just ordered mine and I'd like to know if you've had any trouble playin AAC files. I've got a great program to convert them just in case but I'd rather skip the process as I have an extensive library.   thank you
Thank you. Still trying to grasp all the technical terms. Did mean to waste your time, sorry.
Larry, would you say that the W4 highs are a bit rolled off compared to the W3? I do like the highs of the W3 and I don't think I'd like to compromise on that. Cheers
I have the Westone 3 and I don't find them sibilant at all. I come from a pair of Audio Technica ATH-CK10 (very bright and little bass) and Sennheiser IE 8 (very bassy and little highs. All this according to my personal opinion, obviously). I find the W3 to give the best of both worlds and the tips they come with have an impact on how they sound: Comply foams for example have an impact on the highs. I find the Shure Olives to be the quite comfortable and producing a nice...
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