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It added texture to the bass and a bit more presence while maintaining the crisp highs of the CK100    
I have added a bass driver and a custom Xover and they sound even better than I could remember
My reshells of the CK100 have arrived today and I could not be happier! Love the look and finish I choose. I have to say that the service here in Aus was superb; had all my emails and inquiries answered timely and courteously. I know where to go for my next purchase! Here are a couple pf pics.
Sold, thank you.
Still available
PM sent
Sorry mate, $270 shipped is a good deal.
Hi. I've ordered mine with a titanium faceplate, the left earphone clear and the right black clear, no artwork. It will be a few weeks before I get the final product though, so I can't post any photos yet. There are quite a few on this site (that's where I saw the titanium finish for the faceplate).  
All insured is about $55.
Hi. This is my first sale on Headfi so I'm including a link to my ebay feedback; http://feedback.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=terbs67&ftab=AllFeedback   The W3 are in perfect conditions. I will include a brand new sealed set of genuine Westone tips. I'm selling as I'm having my CK100 re-shelled into customs.   I'd rather selling to users in Australia only as to post them insured overseas can cost quite a bit. Please see the Australia...
New Posts  All Forums: