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I see your point and I can agree as at the end of my two hours listening last night I did experience a bit of fatigue, but in saying that I enjoyed rediscovering details in tracks I have not listen to in a while. I bought the AD900 a few years ago in Japan and I also have a pair of the EW9 (so that I don't bother the wife with the music when she's around!). I cannot sell them either as she actually bought them for me for my birthday! I found that I can retrain my hearing...
  You're not wrong! The options are growing but it's the price to pay when you need opinions from a vast number of people. I might have to follow the majority at end. At the moment I'm watching soccer and listening to music with my Audio Technica ATH-AD900 and I'm thinking that it's the sound i want but in an earphone...or as close as I can get. I can't listen to music with a full size headphone during the Australian Summer. Now it's still winter and I can get away with it  
Why wouldn't you buy anything from Monster?  
What can you tell me about them? I noticed you're from Perth too, where did you buy them?
    I'd use them with an iPod touch 64gb but I'm thinking of going for a Cowon J3 as I read it sounds even better and there's a decent equalizer. At the moment none of the EQ settings on the ipod work for me so I just listen to it flat. You have sold the IE8 for the identical reason I did so maybe the Coppers seems the way to go. I'm not familiar with the FX700  
Hi Joey. I read from your profile that you own both the W3 and the MTPC, Which one do you think has the best highs? I'm still trying to decide which one to go for and gather as many opnions as I can. Thank you.
    Thank you for your insight. I know I won't get a bright sound like the CK 10 but I'm happy to compromise as far as I have more clean and sparkly highs than what the IE8 gave me (according to my taste, obviously). I think it will be a tough call between the 2 and maybe a third contender like the Monster MD edition suggested by another member.  
  Thank you for your feedback. Based on what you've said I think that I would choose the MTPC as I like the sparkly highs (that's why I owned the CK10 in the past). Now it'd be nice to know how they compare with the W3
If you keep the middle button and the menu button pressed at the same time for a few seconds it will shut down, then restart it again and hopefully it will be OK after reboot
So, to summarise a bit, it seems that the W3 and SM3 are the most suggested models (if we exclude the TF10 since I could not find them comfortable as previously mentioned). Some mentioned the MTCP and the MD edition. It'd be great to know if anyone has compared W3 and SM3 with the other 2 models from Monster. As I said in this thread there's next to no option to audition any of these so I will spend my hard earn money based on a "majority" vote so a big thank you to...
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