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Hi Smuh. Thank you for the photos. I've just ordered mine and I'd like to know if you've had any trouble playin AAC files. I've got a great program to convert them just in case but I'd rather skip the process as I have an extensive library.   thank you
Thank you. Still trying to grasp all the technical terms. Did mean to waste your time, sorry.
Larry, would you say that the W4 highs are a bit rolled off compared to the W3? I do like the highs of the W3 and I don't think I'd like to compromise on that. Cheers
I have the Westone 3 and I don't find them sibilant at all. I come from a pair of Audio Technica ATH-CK10 (very bright and little bass) and Sennheiser IE 8 (very bassy and little highs. All this according to my personal opinion, obviously). I find the W3 to give the best of both worlds and the tips they come with have an impact on how they sound: Comply foams for example have an impact on the highs. I find the Shure Olives to be the quite comfortable and producing a nice...
Cannot agree more! I love my W3, but I've preordered a pair of the W4 nevertheless. One thing I know for sure: one of them will be sold...
Hi. I'm in your same situation, at least for the time being, and I plug them directly into my ipod touch and classic without having any issues.
I don't think they would risk their license by doing something they are not meant to. I would buy in Australia if I could but when the Denon price is $2200 vs $999 (RRP) then I'm obliged to buy from overseas.
Hi. Ordered and received them from Headroom! Great service from Jorge, I could not be happier, love them!
Boy, what a giggle!
Had a good price from Headroom so I'm seriously considering the purchase. Now I just need the funds to clear soon
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