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I'd be curious to know how much sound leakage they have as they are listed as "semi open" on the website. Can other people hear what you're listening to?
Would a Meier Audio 2Move be able to drive any of the headphones suggested in this thread?
Quote: Originally Posted by Random Access I had trouble driving 780's with my iRiver S10. It was comparatively easier to drive my HD600, AKG 701 and my DT-770's. I tried ipod classic with my DT-770 (250 ohm) and it did decently... but with my D2 Boa it turned into a whole different experience. I have never used an amp with any of the headphones I've owned. Do I require one with my ipod? Any suggestions?
[QUOTE=genclaymore;4549745] had pros for 249 after you join there club for a one time fee of a dollar. If it wasnt for needing glasses I would had grab me a pair. Forgot to mention I'm in OZ and that I use my ipod as my main source,if it makes any difference. Cheers
I've tried the Ultrasone and they were fine although I didn't like the look, the fit, nor the feel of them.[/QUOTE] That's one other aspect that I'd like to have some feedback on as comfort is quite important. By the way, I really appreciate your time guys as I don't have the opportunity of auditioning anything so what I order I'm stuck with
Could you tell me what differences there are between the 2 Ultrasone models?
What do you guys think of the Denon range?
Quote: Originally Posted by Random Access X2 I would probably stay away from too many snares and cymbals though if you are sensitive to that kind of thing. Why do you say that? Do they sound too bright?
They don't need to be full size but I'd like them closed not too bother people around me. Sound quality is paramount and I can stretch a bit more in far as the wife doesn't know!
I guess max $300
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