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3 months of very random use. what annoys me the most is that I have had no answer or suggestion for a solution. customer service anyone?
I'd like to share my experience with the SA6 and unfortunately is not a good one. The cable has started failing and now the sound from the left channel is completely gone. I have contacted Sleek by email twice and I'm still waiting for an answer. The warranty on the cable has just expired as I found out is only for 90 days which is incredible for a pair of earphones of almost AUS $290. The dealer who sold them to me said he'd try to get a replacement and that he's...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cankin Do you use your DT880 at home only?? What's your budget? Mainly at home but I wouldn't mind being able to take them with on holiday and use them with my ipod, hence for the question about a portable amp. If that's not possible I'd like something that I can use both with the pc and the hi-fi. As as budget max $400. Would it it be worth considering the option of the DT880 at 32ohm or the sound is not as good?
Quote: Originally Posted by GreatDane The iPod will laugh at you if you plug a 250 Ohm DT-880 into it...well at full volume it will be listenable but not very loud with a thin sound. The 250 Ohm DT-880 seems to be oddly difficult to drive comparing it to HD 650 which is 300 Ohms for instance. So, any suggestions for an amp? If portable is not possible which others I should consider? Sorry but this "amp thing" is brand new territory for me so any...
SO which results would I get if I try to use the DT880 (have not bought them yet) without and amp with the iPod?
Hi. Any suggestions for a portable amp (to use with iPod classic) for the DT880? Please note that I'm in Australia and not all brands might be available. A couple of the available ones are the Meier 2move and the Minibox-e. Cheers
I'd be curious to know how much sound leakage they have as they are listed as "semi open" on the website. Can other people hear what you're listening to?
Would a Meier Audio 2Move be able to drive any of the headphones suggested in this thread?
Quote: Originally Posted by Random Access I had trouble driving 780's with my iRiver S10. It was comparatively easier to drive my HD600, AKG 701 and my DT-770's. I tried ipod classic with my DT-770 (250 ohm) and it did decently... but with my D2 Boa it turned into a whole different experience. I have never used an amp with any of the headphones I've owned. Do I require one with my ipod? Any suggestions?
[QUOTE=genclaymore;4549745] had pros for 249 after you join there club for a one time fee of a dollar. If it wasnt for needing glasses I would had grab me a pair. Forgot to mention I'm in OZ and that I use my ipod as my main source,if it makes any difference. Cheers
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