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Another fellow Aussie here, so whenever you hear of good deals please feel free to pass them on
For what my opinion is worth I've started with the CK10 as I love a bright and sparkling sound (read: lots of trebles), but in the long run I found them too bright even for my taste. I then went to the IE8, but I think that was too far in the opposite direction. I now have the W3 and I found that they are a good compromise for me. The selection of which tips fit best is a challenge for me too, but I think that, like SolidSnake, the long Comply seem the most comfortable....
Got your PM, thank you
Hi yello. Yes, the are the perfect balance I was looking for. I got an email from Wicked Digital for the FInal Audio and since I've never heard of them I thought it might have been interesting to share the news
Even if I just purchased the W3 I thought to spread the news that these earphones will be available in Australia soon. Don't know much about them though. http://www.wickeddigital.com.au/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&page=shop.browse&manufacturer_id=85&Itemid=53
Now that I found out that, for me, the foams provided with the W3 are the most comfortable (I use the largest ones) your idea Lucozade now makes sense Where can I find those foams please?
Thank you Dweaver! I might use the core of one of the Shure as I had to buy a few (they came as a set). Thank you for the tip
  I know, it's weird as they are quite soft but when they expand they seem to put pressure in my ear canal making them uncomfortable to wear. The foams instead seem softer. I don't hear much difference in the trebles with them, but as I said it could be my hearing. I will have time to sit down and do another test this weekend.  
Bought some Shure olives today and strangely enough I don't find them that comfortable. The large Comply foams are still my favourite. Also bought my first amp, Nuforce imobile. I know that the Mustang P51 seems to be the most suggested but at the moment I can't stretch my budget that far (the Mrs would hit the roof!).
I have been playing with the different tips provided with the W3 since I find that the grey ones even if they are comfortable they seem to add a bit of "echo" or coloration to the vocals, sorry can't really explaining it properly! I'm now trying the foams and it seems to partly alleviated the issue, I can't hear any differences in the highs as described in some posts, but that's probably my hearing. I'll try the Sure olives soon.
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