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  I guess I'd like a bit more treble than the IE8 (it'd be OK not to reach the extension of the CK 10) but a bit more bass than what the CK10 can offer. Any suggestion?  
Thank you. Were you able to do a direct comparison yourself?
  Thank you. Were you able to do a direct comparison yourself?
Hi guys. As the Ortofon are available here in Australia I'd be interested to know your opinion on their trebles versus IE8 and CK10. I found the trebles on the CK10 fenomenal but ultimately the "thin" bass made me sell them. I then tried the IE8 and even if the overall sound is more full bodied than the CK10 the trebles are not crisp enough for my taste. So I guess that I'm trying to find the best of both worlds. Could the Ortofon be the answer? Thank you for your thoughts.
Well, an update on my quest. Now the Ck10 are listed on ebay and I bit the bullet and purchased a pair of IE8. I know that the highs are not as prominent as the Ck10 but what I gain in other areas, bass particularly, make for that loss. I think that it might be time to then concentrate to improve the source of the music more than the receiving end (earphones). Maybe time to switch to Cowon?
Well, I thought to resurrect this thread as I have an issue with the Ck10 I purchased as after a while the left channel is more prominent than the right. I have tried several combinations of tips with the same result. I've also tried the same source of music with my other headphones and that sensation is not present so it's defenetly the ck10. Unfortunately as I use an ipod there's no option to fine tuned the balance. Also, even if in my original post the priority was to...
Well, first of all thank you all guys for the suggestions as you've made me aware of some earphones I didn't even know existed! As I said some of the brands are not even sold here "Down Under"! Being a fan of Audio Technica (both times I went to Japan I came back with a pair!) I took the plunge and bought a pair of Ck 10 today. They are amazing! Just what I was looking for. They are very comfy as well. If I have to be fussy they lack a bit of bass but I will live happily...
As I said in my original post I did not find them very comfortable
Hi, thank you for the link. Looking at the graph for the IE8 they seem to have quite a response in the high frequencies. Do you own a pair since there's a picture next to your name? If so could you give me your opinion? Thank you.
Thank you for adding the extra info. I'm in Australia and it's quite common that some brands might not be available. Owning some Audio Technica already I'm quite a fan so the CK10 seems inviting (I've checked the cost of the CK100 and they are considerbaly more expensive).  
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