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I don't think they would risk their license by doing something they are not meant to. I would buy in Australia if I could but when the Denon price is $2200 vs $999 (RRP) then I'm obliged to buy from overseas.
Hi. Ordered and received them from Headroom! Great service from Jorge, I could not be happier, love them!
Boy, what a giggle!
Had a good price from Headroom so I'm seriously considering the purchase. Now I just need the funds to clear soon
Yeah, US seems the cheapest with Singapore second. I can't believe how much they asking for them here!
I checked and they don't ship overseas so I guess I'm back to square one or consider the offer from k-Money.
Thank you. I'll check their web site.
Now that my IEM needs have been satisfied (at least temporarily until the next best thing comes along) I'm going to buy a new pair of closed high end headphones. I have been let some money from my Nena who passed away recently so I want to buy something special that will last me many years. After reading many threads and reviews I have decided on the Denon 7000. Unfortunately here in Australia the price seems to be so much higher than eveywhere else: the RRP is $2200 AUS...
To Joey. I have tried the Shure olives again and after persisting a few hours I'm getting used to them. Just need to be careful as they are a very tight fit! I think that they're also the best sounding tip as they take away most the "echo" I can hear on the vocals. Thanks again for the "tip":-)
I'm quite happy with my W3. I find them nicely balanced with the right amount of trebles. I haven't tested the 535 but I sold my 530 as the trebles were rolled off. Good luck with your choice.
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