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PM sent
Sorry mate, $270 shipped is a good deal.
Hi. I've ordered mine with a titanium faceplate, the left earphone clear and the right black clear, no artwork. It will be a few weeks before I get the final product though, so I can't post any photos yet. There are quite a few on this site (that's where I saw the titanium finish for the faceplate).  
All insured is about $55.
Hi. This is my first sale on Headfi so I'm including a link to my ebay feedback;   The W3 are in perfect conditions. I will include a brand new sealed set of genuine Westone tips. I'm selling as I'm having my CK100 re-shelled into customs.   I'd rather selling to users in Australia only as to post them insured overseas can cost quite a bit. Please see the Australia...
Well, I'll be sending my CK100 to be re-shelled on Monday. So far the experience has been good with easy communication. Now comes the hardest part: waiting! By the way, I've got my Westone 3 up for sale if anyone from AUS in interested please pm me. Cheers!
Hi. I have a pair that have been hardly used. All tips, carry case and accessories supplied. Please PM your offer and your location for postage calculation. Cheers.
Yeah, I might need to venture into some long reading!! I was thinking of exactly the same solution about the CK100. I might need to look into that too. So many threads, so little time!  
Thanks Joe. I like sound of the CK100 as they have nice and detailed highs (even more so than the W3 hence the switch) and as I said in the OP I don't mind boosting the bass a bit through EQ. I plan to buy one pair of Customs and keep them and since they're all individual due to the shape I want to try to get the model closest to my preferred sound before forking out the money.
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