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Hi All. There's a post on the Jaben Perth Facebook page about a possible meeting on Saturday 4th of Feb. Please reply to the post on FB if you are interested. Cheers
Headphonic moved from Leederville but has just closed down. They only operate online
Hi. I have a brand new pair of the 900s that I've received directly from UE when I bought my UE11. They are brand new in a sealed box. Price includes PayPal fees and insured registered post shipping in Australia. No overseas shipping or trades, sorry.
I'm able to return them actually so the listing is closed.
After a thorough listening session with all my test tracks I've decided that the E70 are not as sparkly as I would like them to be so they're up for sale on this forum if anyone is interested. Thank you.
I've purchased these locally here in Perth only a few days ago. After careful consideration I've decided not to keep them as they are not as bright as I'd like (I'm a treblehead!). I come from the IE800 and I'm trying to find something that has a similar sound signature. They come in the original box with accessories and the receipt for the warranty. Shipping and PayPal fees to be paid by the buyer. Any questions please pm me.   Thank you.
I've ended up auditioning and buying the E70. I can't use audiophile terms (despite the fact I've been an aficionado of the industry for 35 years) so please bear with me. I've sold my IE800 and I was trying to find a suitable replacement so this is a direct comparison. I've only spent a few hours with the E70 so I will need more time to form a better opinion and to burn them in. My first impression is of a clear sound with sweeter trebles (best description I can find)...
Thank you very much for the info. I have been to Tokyo twice and I can't wait to come back!
Thanks for the pics. Is this an yearly exhibition?
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