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Sent you a pm, can you please confirm you've received it? Thank you.
Thank you. It would be fantastic being able to maybe meet more regularly. Happy to receive pm from fellow members in the future to get together... waiting for the first Australian Cam Jam!
I only heard about this through the FB Jaben page. Shame I missed it as I'm sure you guys brought over some gear that I would have been interested in testing. I'll bookmark this thread in case you decide to meet again. My only contribution would have been the Beyerdynamic DT1770 pro, the ADL Cruise amp and the IE800.
Hi All. This is the second pair of IE800 I end up selling. As much as I love the sound my left ear doesn't seem to agree to any type of eartips I've tried and believe you me I have spent many hours and $$$ trying to solve the issue. So here's for a grab a mint pair with a couple of small issues that I would like to point out. As per photo the grill on the left earphone is uneven. It has been like that from day one and the box was sealed. It has been purchased on line...
Thanks for the info in the PM Luke.
Well done mate, happy for you! Enjoy your listening sessions!!
The MSR7 are not "thin" in the sound. They don't enhance one frequency over another. I do like a nice balance as well and I would hate if one area was lacking. I have some tracks I use to listen to the bass attack at the beginning of the song:Chris Rea - The road to hell part 2The Eagles - The Sad CafeAmos Lee - ListenThey all sound perfect with the MSR7. Ask if you can return them, but I'm sure you will love them!!
I have the MSR7 and I love them. Great overall sound, nice bass and crisp enough mids and trebles. I usually hate rolled off highs so this to me sounds perfect.
I'm trying to find something that replaces my IE800 and there are a few models I need feedback on. Please note that I will be solely relying on your feedback as I cannot audition any of these!!    - Campfire Jupiter or Andromeda  - JH Rosie or Angie II  - 64 Audio U5 Universal   or any other suitable model not listed here.   Thank you.
New Posts  All Forums: