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I'm one step closer to ordering the Vega (maybe next week). Coming from the IE800 I hope I will find the trebles satisfying...otherwise I will be up for a restocking fee
Mint conditions. Only minor scratches on the back as per photo, hardly visible if not in direct light. Screen protector applied from day one. Supplied with cable to connect it to portable amp. Original box, usb cable and unused earphones provided. Buyer to pay PayPal fees. Shipping Australia wide included in the price (registered post - road service) Any questions please pm me.   Thank you.
Could you please let me know which one has the best trebles out of the 2? I used to have the 600 and I'm considering the Purplehearts. Thank you
I wish it could be that easy... Normally I pick a track that I know very well and listen to the earphones one at the time trying to see which one...makes me smile the most
If it's of any consolation my wife asked me how much the pair of second hand TH-900 was that I'm eyeing on line...I lied...I've told her $600 (AUS$) instead of the $1000 the guy is asking...she hit the roof and threatened to go on holiday on her own...mmmm...what to do...
Love the opaque look and the braided cable
And if you don't like them I'll buy them from you;-)
In theory the foam/rubber should not effect the trebles like the Comply do. Have not used the gel ones much, but from memory they are similar to the standard tips but they seal better due to the gel inserts.
Glad I could help☺️
These are the ones I've keptIn particular I was fond of the memory foam with rubber sleeve. The others on the right have a gel insert and they are firmer.  
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