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 Thank you for that. I've owned a couple of pairs of the IE800 as I love the sound signature. I'm more of a treble head rather than a bass head! Unfortunately the fitting was troublesome for my ears and I've sold them both. I guess I'm trying to find a similar sound in a more comfy fit.
Could anyone say if the trebles of the W80 are similar to the Sennheiser ie800? Thank you
If anyone is interested I'm selling my DT1770Pro.   Cheers
As new. Used them a handful of times. Selling as they are just sitting in the box.They are about a year old. Bought them locally in Perth. Outside box not provided, only internal case as per photo. No overseas shipping sorry. Buyer to pay shipping costs and PayPal fees. I would consider swapping with Fostex TH600 or TH900 plus cash.
Thank you for the info. I think I might go with the 600 again (after I sell the 1770) as I'm a bit of a treble head
Can anyone tell me the difference in the trebles between the 610 and the 600? I had the latter one and I regret selling it. I have the DT1770Pro, but I can't get used the mids, they are very forward to my ears.
I had to cancel unfortunately as my roster changed:-( I hope you guys had a good time!!
Yep,I'll be there!
May I suggest to send them an email or let them know somehow you'd be interested in attending
Excellent! Make sure you post on Jaben's FB page so that they can gage the interest. I'll bring the DT1770 Pro.
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