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What if we already bought two?....
Count me in if this happens =)
YGPM buddy
replaced the RCA and coaxial jacks to higher quality ones
you do realize "-philiac" implies that his affection for audio is abnormal right =P   Anyways, i suspect you uncle already knows what kindda sound he likes if he's dabbled in speakers in a while. i'd say get him to grab his portable player of choice, whether that be his ipod/phone/whatever, and try a few of them out. It WILL matter because different players have different "driving abilities". Also, different headphones have different "driving requirements" so it's...
Maybe. But i couldn't actually zoom in on the pic on that page to get a good look at the connectors to make sure they're gonna work. Oh well if my current cable fails i'll try this one next i guess.
Are you looking for an iDevice cable for use with your CIEM? Are you sick of having to fumble through your pocket for your iDevice trying to pause or rewind your music? What if i told this is no longer necessary? Introducing the new IE80i frankenstein cable   (ha... kidding guys... it's 3am and there's nothing but infomercials on TV)   ANYWAYS... the thing is. I've been wanting a 3-button mic-cable that is 1) iphone compatible and 2) looks decent/non-bulky and 3)...
Get a top-of-the line custom IEM of your choice then do what i did: reterminate a a mic cable to suit whatever it is that you picked.   for example, this is what i'm using now: JH16a <= cable from sennheiser IE80i with westone plugs <= iphone all 3 buttons as well as the mic work great, and the color of the cable blends in with the translucent black of my JH16 brilliantly   couldn't be happier!   dunno why nobody in head-fi has mentioned this before
very VERY late reply as i just stumbled across this thread but i believe this is: Arisen Flame - If I Let You Go (Original Mix)
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