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Yeup it works well with iPad Pro 12.9, iPad mini retina, iPhone 6s Plus, iPod touch 5/6, all on ios9.3.1
Ordered, thanks for the link!
Ooi, where can one get those rubber rings? They may work well for me too
I agree but I didn't like the rubber "wings" that were attached to the rubber rings. What I ended up doing was to trim the donut foams right down so they are more like bicycle tires and used double sided tape to secure them to the housing. However even this resulted in a bit too much low-end rumble. Last night I ended up training this back so they form two arcs on either side of the driver. So far it seems ok but I think I can tweak it a bit more to suit my own taste better
X2 Been trying various foams with the zen 2 blacks and so far haven't found an ideal one
@ClieOS If you ever decide to do another batch I'm definitely in! Crossing my fingers...
Mine is incoming too! Order number ~750. Come on DHL, free ice cold beer upon delivery, esp during these 40 degree Aussie summers lol!
I feel the same. Chord mojo + z7 is close to my master 7+ 9+ balanced z7. In fact that's what I'm listening to right now
Does anybody know how to update the firmware and where one can download it from? I'm quite keen to be able to hook this up to an iDevice without resorting to the use of an USB hub
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