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"Son of Zen" is a different amp than Zen (article here). Pass calls it "balanced single-ended."
Nice design; it reminds me of the Son of Zen. If you haven't already, you could improve distortion a bit by matching the output transistors for hFE.
Sachu's correct; the enclosure is 12x12x4, except for the front panel which is 12.2"x4.2". The case, in particular, is a Par-Metal 20-12124. The case has rubber feet installed which raise it by around a 1/2".
I'm leaving this listing open until the buyer pays. These are pending, and there's a line of 3 interested buyers after the actual buyer. Any additional interested buyers should probably assume these are sold.   I'd like to sell my SRS-005 set (SR-003 and SRM-212) for $SOLD shipped FedEx. I bought it back in October of 2011 and have listened to it sparingly. I'm the second owner; I probably have no more than 50 hours on them. The original owner only used them for...
I'd like to sell my EHHA 1 (non rev-A) for $300 + shipping. It was originally built by Funch, and it sounds wonderful. It was purchased in January 2010, and has been well-used since then--probably around 1000 hours. It's configured to use MOSFET's as opposed to BJT's, and uses an s22 for the power supply. Some pictures are available here: -- nothing's changed in its condition, but I can send...
For sale is a pair of Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro's with Audio-Technica W5000 drivers. These are presently using a dual-entry cable with 10ft of Mogami 2534 covered in Techflex Nylon Multifilament (the soft stuff, not the microphonic stuff) and terminated with a 1/4" Yarbo jack. They are in great condition (around 8/10). They presently have AKG K240 earpads that have no more than 30 hours of use on them. The drivers have an undefined number of hours greater than...
I had to double check, but take a look at loop_'s σ22 on the β22 gallery page for the layout of the Hammond case. It's a tight fit, but it does work.
I now hope I misremembered because otherwise, I passed up a very good deal. That's a bit more than I'm ready to pay, so I'm going to close this listing. Thanks for the info graben.
How much more? How far off base am I (400? 800?)? I thought I saw one go on Yahoo Auction Japan for ~18000 yen a few months ago, which at the time was around $200, but I could be misremembering.
I'd like to buy a Stax DAC Talent from an interested seller. Price negotiable. I'll pay shipping and the PayPal fee. I'm only interested in a 110V version; no 220V or battery-powered please, unless either can be converted to 110V.   It seems like these are going for around $200 right now? Let me know if this is off base.   Thanks, -Jeremy
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