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Interesting stuff indeed.   I have a pair of headphones which are obviously copies of the Baldwin ones. They belonged to my great-uncle, who was a signal operator in the British Army during WWI. They don't have any brand name on them. All they have etched into the cup is the impedance - 4000 ohms!  Oddly, Grado cups fit into the headband. Not surprising given the antiquated style of Grados. The WWI 'phones are more robust (although I don't thing the moving iron...
I use my HD25s mainly for watching TV late at night. The lightness and isolation comes in handy. With the velour pads, I find I hardly even notice I'm wearing them!   I have them connected via an HD600 cable (just because it's longer than the stock cable basically), but the plug is a bit loose in the left cup. I'll have to try re-jigging the springs per the helpful earlier post.   Narrow soundstage isn't a problem due to the fact that the signal comes via a JVC...
Another PM sent.
PM sent
Regarding the OP1632, you may wish to read what Russ has to say on the subject.
The Ivy III can run both with no modifications. As for balanced outs just for 'phones, that's just what I do. I bypassed the output resistors for some additional damping. It's all in the Ivy III manual anyway.   Enjoy.
Well the Ivy III is the output stage I use, I don't think you can connect direct to the Buffalo PCB. The Ivy III certainly does work well as a HP amp, no need to add more stuff to the chain than necessary IMHO. The JT is an analogue attenuator and they're not on sale at the moment anyway. I would say go for the Volumite.  
I bought the Buffalo II, the Ivy III, 2 Placids and a Volumite. This combination works wonderfully as a DAC/preamp. No need for an extra headphone amp  the Ivy III will power any headphone (up to 150mA available if I remember correctly). You can use the balanced and SE outputs at the same time. I connect my HD600s to the balanced outputs - superb.   I use the Volumite as a volume control - the Buffalo II PCB has pins especially to power it, so installation is easy....
Bought a Victor JVC SU-DH1 Surround Adaptor from him and it was delivered quickly (from Portugal) and works fine.
I thought balanced meant 2 separate XLR connectors - one for each driver.
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