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One feature I'd like to see, is a popup notification of the current song and/or a current track listed in the status bar. I listen to music while driving and have the Waze up on top to navigate. The trouble is that I can't then see which track is playing. It's also not easy to change tracks. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
After a recent factory reset, I reinstalled UAPP and it finds my DAC and files, but it won't play them. When I press play, nothing happens! Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
I did already say that it worked as a preamp. Yes, it does contain an amp (not sure of the power) and no, I've never heard clipping.
I works fine for me, both on an old music centre as well as via the aux input on my car stereo.
On a different note, does anyone know of any BBC radio streams which work? All the ones I've tried say 'unsupported format'.
Davy. Is there any way to create a playlist in Windows, then upload it to the Android device? That might enable me to (hopefully shuffle) play my entire music collection instead of having to manually select folders.
Yes. Neutron converts everything to 48 kHz (the Android standard), while UAPP sends everything to your DAC at the same sample rate as the file.
You don't need to reformat it. There's software available that converts file systems without formatting or deleting.
Is your phone powering an external DAC? That would use a lot of battery power.
I'm also enjoying the new look. Much more polished. Now when I try to Party Shuffle my entire music folder, instead of force closing the app tells me that I've run out of memory and advises me to restart my phone. I did try that, but it still runs out of memory. Perhaps a tweak would ensure that this does not happen?
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