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Does anyone found the scroll wheel direction operates in reverse to the main menu?
Looks like another beta version?
Hi ,  sorry , cannot find it in    Which site are you looking at?
My DX50 will only play loud white noise if I have USB charger plugged in and battery removed. I was almost deaf.....   To be exact. If i have it running on battery, then plug in USB charger, then remove the battery, it will play loud white noise.   So there is a possibility that while listening to it when charging the battery and if unfortunately the battery becomes dead, there will be a big problem.    Why I did this is to run-in without keep charging the...
I know there are many post on these models but if i am to pick one,  which one is best?  best SQ? Sandisk Clip Zip, Fuze+ or Clip+  ?
I have H140 and Sflo2.  I listen to both....and keeping both.  They sound different.
Anyone knows where I can still get sflo2 / T51?
Jensen 0.8mmx4 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable (DIY) for sale - Oyaide 3.5mm gold plate plugs - Professionally made (30 years of soldering experience) - Solder with WBT 0.4% silver solder, solder joins has been sealed for corrosion resistant. - Made with Jensen solid core silver wire 0.8mm + Teflon tubing x 4 (L+, L-, R+, R-) - Run-in for more than 200 hours. - High resolution, elegant, transparent sound - Great for tuning your portable rig to different sound   Selling...
Pigwave,  can you post the main LCD2 thread please?   My friend also received his LCD2 with PLASTIC height adjuster and they have taken away the metal/aluminum one (which looks a lot more high class and quality).  Is this some kind of cost reduction or quality degrade.......
Between LYR and Vahalla,  which one should I get? I like to have the warm sound from tube/Vahalla, but the power of LYR seems to be very attractive.  Any thought please?   :) 
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