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Thank you to everyone who made this happen, I had a great time meeting new people and listening to some new toys. Some highlights for me in no particular order:   HD800 + MicroZOTL amp: I just remember this setup had a really nice amount of detail and dynamics that sounded just "right". It almost makes me want to invest in a HD800 system. ZMF Vibro/Blackwood and Omni: I actually prefered the Vibro and Blackwood over the Omni. The former two sound more natural to me...
Looks like I'll be able to make this one after all! I'm going to bring a pair of used Sennheiser HD 380 Pro's and JVC HA-RX900's to give away if anyone is interested. I got these for free from skullguise and I'm going to pass them along to a member that will get some good use from them. :)   I unfortunately don't have a source ready for a meet...would anyone mind if I shared a source with them? I'll bring along my PPAv2 amp. Thanks!
strid3r   Sennheiser HD 800
A little late, but I'm a maybe. Hope I can make it this year!
1) 105,007 2) 105,008 3) 105,009
1=6.3mm 2=SMC 3=3.5mm 4=XLR
Price drop!
I've got an oldie-but-goodie Pimeta with Elpac power supply for sale. Here are some specs: - OPA827 op-amps, mounted on brown dog adapters and socketed. - Gain set to 6. - Double stacked BUF634s for the left and right channesl and a single BUF634 for the ground channel. - Built by MisterX   This would make a very nice budget amp with the Senn HD580/600/650 family. It's a nice compact size as you can see from the pictures. Paypal works and price includes shipping to...
I won't be able to make this after all. Have fun everyone! :)
I'm going to try and make this too. Thanks for setting this up, Vinnie. :)
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