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 Depends on your earphones. Even with the current volume issue Spotify sounds fine my DFR using with my Note 4/ S7 /Z5 with my low impedance Shure SE846's but I have to have the phones set to just one step below max and not much volume control until the fix from AudioQuest comes along. Works perfectly if using UAPP as already stated.   
I have a DFR and a usb-c OTG cable so just waiting for my Note 7 to arrive. Will let you know when tested unless someone else confirms first.Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
Now I only listen to music via a smartphone or PC through my Shure SE846's and have been using the amazing Chord Mojo, but after now using a Dragonfly Red for a couple of week I've more or less stopped using the Mojo !!   I'm finding the sound quality out of the DFR extremely nice paired with the SE846's and the convenience of weight/size/no battery charging coupled with minimal impact on power draw using with my Note 4 a perfect combination. No static/noise interference...
 Surprised, I normally can detect hiss with my SE846's on a number of DAC/AMP's but not with my DFRed (or Mojo) dead silent like it is with iPhones/S7 etc. I'm tending to use the DF Red all the time now as its so small/convenient to use without having to think about charging it. Just keep it in my Shure SE846 case using with phone and PC.  PC use not ideal with the DF Red/SE846's purely as max I can listen to with my XPS13 is level 10 on volume scale so not many steps of...
 I also have a Mojo and its not "Drastically" better except for DSD's which sound fantastic on it. Using UAPP app the DF Red sounds amazing and even Spotify is just loud enough with the Android volume issues with my SE846's (but no real volume control!). Its my most used DAC at the moment as I do most of my listening away from home and just keep it in my small SE846 case and don't have to even think about charging it, just inline use to my Samsung S7 or PC at work. If you...
Works fine if using UAPP App (that has its own audio driver) and with my Shure SE846 IEMS's it is just loud enough for me at max volume with Spotify, so keeping mine as they are working on a fix but no indication when available.  Also, from what I've read, the DFR use slightly less power than the DFB so its not a power issue.     My chat with Audioquest:       Recently tested out a Dragonfly Red and sounds great with my Shure SE846's even compared to my Chord Mojo...
Using DF Red with my XPS13 notebook and SE846's, max I can listen to is 16% but still find enough control between 0-16% without too big a volume jumps. Also use JRiver so thanks for the volume limiting tip.   With my Samsung S7 all great in UAPP but even with Spotify at max volume (due to volume limiting issue) still just loud enough using SE846's. I did contact AQ this week and advised still working on a fix with AndroidOS. Just can't go back to using an iPhone!
With my SE846's I'm just over 55% most of the time and never higher than 75% or its too loud. That's with a Exynos standard S7. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
 Think any thin sheet iron should do, just that we have the high grade stuff used in laminated transformer cores (benefits from lacquered coating). I'd say stuff I used is ~0.3mm thick. You in UK ?
Just done my lunch time walking test with the Iron sheet shielding streaming Tidal HiFi then Spotify Extreme over H+/3G/4G (changed a few time during the test) and not a hint of interference.   The audio quality streaming over 3G/4G with Tidal HiFi via UAPP app from Z5mini/Mojo to my Shure SE846's was jaw dropping. I can't ever see me changing from a Mojo unless Chord develop their own DAP based around a Mojo as a single small device with twin microSD slots. 
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