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Yes it should but I think I read they may be bringing out a Hugo specific one too. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
Yes Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
He did and yes, if tracks on SD then control playback over BT Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
 So what dB does 3Vrms relate to? Is it near max volume (or is that the 5V I think I read somewhere).
I am thinking of getting a couple of those JBL LSR305 speakers that many seem to recommend to use with the Mojo.  Would I set line out when connecting to those or just connect normally and alter volume with the Mojo?   I've to idea on Speakers so other advice on what/how to use with Mojo would be great. Are the JBL LSR305 still best bang for the buck ?
 It causes extreme pain if listening to IEM's. Amazed it didn't blow the SE846's up! I laugh now, but I was so shocked by the sound level at the time for a couple of seconds my Brain didn't realise what was happening and couldn't pull the earphones out!.
 Its younger, sign of the times   My balls are still nice & tight!   ........................ Though nearly always Red !!
 I believe it sets output at 3V (or 5V?) to feed into an Amp?
I've still got my Casio Scientific calculator with Graph function from when I was 13 so that's nearly 37 years old now & still works !! But then it does take standard AAA batteries.
I nearly destroyed my Brain/Ears!!!!!   Had Mojo since they came out, used with my trusty low impedance SE846's. Only normally have on the two dull Red volume balls.   When in bed at night I find the balls too bright so do the two button press to DIM them.  Well last night I did the same but must have pressed to DIM them while it was still going through its start-up routine and set it in line out mode.         Couldn't listen to music for hours after. Looks like...
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