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Found it Barrel size for Cosmic ( 5.5 mm od / 2.5 mm id center pin positive ) for DC power supply
Hey all , just purchased a headroom Cosmic with the din power supply and I want to connect a dc5v center pin pos to USB to a lithium battery for portable use. Can any one tell me what size Barrel this takes.Tks
I will take it if available
Not shure this post is outdated,let me know if available. Thankyou, Jack
To ad my above post Tune in radio and ER4P , I sometimes use Gary 's amp ( still have his first design) which is nice also,but it really depends on the   station you listen to  for sound quality
I use my cell all the time with Tune in Radio (Blues) The ETY er4P's are a perfect match , I don't even use the full volume
Anyone have a interest in a new toy?  ARQ1 music server- 20gig (2001)  looking to trade for a amp that will be compatibale with HD600's I purchased from a fellow Head-Fier, The unit is clean for the age some scratches on the top but no dents or dings, I do not have the remote or original box, but will send along a usb keyboard that will controll the unit same as the remote which can be found on ebay.The manual is really nice (hard bound ring folder) Actually only used...
HI send me a PM to discuss your Hafler
HI all, I have a Dell DJ with a cracked LCD and was looking for someone to help me get to play all music in the shuffle setting by counting the clicks on the scroll wheel and what buttons to push after I start from the home setting. If anyone has the time to help I will return the favor some how Thanks jack
I just cut a piece of the foam covers that come with cheap ear buds you can get them at the Dollar Store
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