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Just chiming in to tame grado's is Skippy's sock mod , save your money buying different pads. Take pads off and cut a cotton sock at the anckle roll it up to make a donut and put it on the sound is awsome and the grados are very comfortable to wear. Try it all you got to loose is a pair of socks
Looking to trade GradoGR8 for Grado headphonenbsp;or B&W headphone
I also have the gr8 and enjoy them through my headroom cosmic amp connected to my pe2217 pre amp .i have a itch to try the sr325e phones.can any one share there thoughts if it is worth the purchase.
Trade pending
Looking to trade my Hd 600's for iem's or B&W bluetooth
Found it Barrel size for Cosmic ( 5.5 mm od / 2.5 mm id center pin positive ) for DC power supply
Hey all , just purchased a headroom Cosmic with the din power supply and I want to connect a dc5v center pin pos to USB to a lithium battery for portable use. Can any one tell me what size Barrel this takes.Tks
I will take it if available
Not shure this post is outdated,let me know if available. Thankyou, Jack
To ad my above post Tune in radio and ER4P , I sometimes use Gary 's amp ( still have his first design) which is nice also,but it really depends on the   station you listen to  for sound quality
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