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The ones with clear body aren't v2
Hello.   In second year (2011) - me and a bunch of people set up an Android Community @ Clayton as part of Faculty of IT Society because Club & Societies got mad about our "club" being too similar to the recently closed "Open Source Club." We    Group was active for about a year, ran dev workshops etc. My friend who was a Google student ambassador was co-founder; so Google Australia was willing to help out (if necessary) for promo material.   Back to topic -...
Going to bump the hell out of this thread to vent my frustration with the SP2500. The SP2500 has a monstrous amount of bass quantity but the satellites suck. Treble and midrange is OK for gaming but for actual music, they're terrible. They don't emit enough bass quantity at low volume levels so music just sounds dull (as the sub doesn't really kick in unless you max it out). Then again; gaming speakers. :p   Upgrade to a pair of monitors; I've noticed you're eyeing...
Just make sure the TOSLINK connection to the mini jack is secure otherwise you may experience drop outs. Otherwise should be fine. I believe TOSLINK is limited to 24/96 whereas asynchronous USB can sample up to 24/196
Hey guys,   Been using an Audio-gd NFB-12.1 for a few months now and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on how to "cool" the chassis or just help the device dissipate heat?   Laptop coolers seem a little too big to be effective. I use my 12.1 as the primary audio source for my computer - so it's always on; I'd love to find something that could actively or passively cool the chassis down.   Cheers
Tried these extensively while I was in Japan. Absolute. Bass. Cannons.   Unfortunately I wasn't looking to buy IEMs in Japan..more like...keyboards.
I'll bet that dog's bark will now have better midrange clarity.
I used to own a prominent sound card, the ASUS Essence STX. The card was high quality but my listening gear always brought up some interference produced by my Radeon HD 6990 (EMI).   Currently I am using an Audio-gd 12.1 DAC/AMP via Optical SPDIF (Motherboard Digital Output) and I find that my listening experience is exceptionally better.    The only disadvantage I perceive with a dedicated desktop DAC is that they're not going to be "designed" for gaming and can...
I'm considering the JVC Victor HAFX-700 (wood) earphones. I have a lack of dynamics in my collection and this particular one has piqued my interest for a while. So far I've had a browse around in Yodobashi (sic) in Umeda and Edi-On (sic) in Kyoto and they seem to only carry consumer-mid-range-level gear. (e.g. Beats, Sony Bass Cannons, AT AD700).   Looking at buying IEMs as I seemed to have overbudgeted for my backpacking trip and may have some extra money to spare. 
Hey guys,   I'm currently in Japan (Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki) until January 9 and I was wondering if it is economical to buy any high-end IEMs?   Currently I have items like the JVC-Victor FX500 or 700 in mind. Probably not going to replace my main SM3s but good to know nonetheless.   Some friends that are also travelling with me are also looking for some stuff - possible audio-technica / Denon / Sony.    Cheers. 
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