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I like Enqueue a lot.
That was my first guess. If it is, they discontinued it (or don't offer it in the US). There's one that's close, but it doesn't have the glass desktop.   Edit: Realized IKEA might not have the same products in Sweden and the USA
  Where did you find that desk? I love how it looks.
Price dropped to $30.
I got these a couple of months ago, but they aren't really the right earphones for me. I have all the tips, the hard plastic case, and the cleaning tool that will ship with them. Note: I won't include the Comply tips unless requested, because they were the tips I used.   $30 Shipped CONUS. Would trade for a CMoy or similar amp.
I'll be there. I don't have much I can bring, but I'll bring my SR-60s and probably my Zune or my MacBook as a source. As for music, I've been listening to Tame Impala's album quite a bit lately.
I'm kind of surprised no one has mentioned GeekTool. I use it to display my to do list and the current time on my desktop. Here's a quick list of some of my other favorite free Mac apps: Quicksilver - Everyone else has explained this app much better than I can. BowTie - Simple, lightweight, skinable iTunes now playing display. Tweetie - My current twitter client. Yes, there is a paid version, but the ad-supported free version is still just as good. iStat Menus - Lets me...
On the headphone front, I really enjoy how trip hop sounds on my SR-60s, so I would expect the SR-80s would be about equally capable headphones. But I haven't listened to the D1001s so I'm not sure how they compare.
I'm glad I traded in my old Motorola Q for my Curve 8330. The BlackBerry OS is so much better than Windows Mobile. The only thing I really miss from the Q is QR code reading. I just can't find a reader for BB EDIT: I found BeeTagg which reads (among other formats) QR codes
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