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  Not at this time
  The Sage is essentially a ER4p on steroids.   Meaning, the drivers inside are of the ED family.  (basically like BMW, 3 series/5 series/ 7 series)  one ED to take care of the mid/high region, offering up a very flat response with a 2K bump, very much like the ER4P, The bass driver is designed from the ground up to be a bass driver, has a nice sized port (bigger than the Savant had) which offers about 2dB more bass response compared to the Savant. The Sage, is really a...
  A tad more bass, would be the sage
Hmm, Im thinking it would be best to listen to your options, rather than buy something based on price?     For example, the sage may suit your sound quality tastes, and may be a cheaper option?     or even the savanna, which has been said by many to be the best value noble offers.         BTW folks, the Wizard Universals are 200$ off right now (check the website)
If you want isolation/noise reduction, look into Etymotic Research (ER)   as far as fit, comfort and sound, that is all subjective.     But, I believe it can be objectively stated, ER offerss non custom products with the greatest isolation.     Happy hunting
Bead needle or acupuncture needle
The burning question is, after all expenses, what is the % placed in the owners pocket for every dollar brought into the company?       80%   70%   60%   50%,   40%   30%   20%   10%   5%   < 5%
  Like Lace, for audio gear
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