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insomnia, loathe it
U may want to post in the other wizard thread, as it is much more active
Ha ha Comb over Well done
25 five star reviews now
Compareing would be ideal
25 five star reviews, reigning king, nothing but love for the k10 I refuse to state which one I adore most. As for more drivers, I'd only do it, if I thought the sound required it, Noble sells sound not parts. On a tangent, I have a theory, if one has ever purchased air line tickets for children, u get a record, and from then on, for the rest of your life, air lines will seat u next to crying kids. I'm glad I got my audio gear to get me through the flights
I have to fly tomorrow, ill have a pair of universals on.... and their name starts with a K
Ehhhhhhh While it may the case eq may or may not be used Let's keep in mind reviews are commonly done with cables being switched out, bass being adjusted on the cable via x over manipulation, variable valves being adjusted, filters/dampers being exchanged, different sources (tube amp / non tube amp) The variables are many While these impressions may not be made in an ideal test setting for some, I still greatly appreciate the time Rin has taken to prepare this...
Folks, feel free to correct me, but i think it is around 43 to 46 inches (if the tiles in my hotel are standard 12 inches) We did have about 10 - 12 units of cable made that are about 12 inches longer than the standard cable. (for customers in the 7 ft tall area)If you need a longer cable, contact Brannan asap, as there are not many left, if any at all.
  I did have a guy once state his CIEMs hissed, even when not connected to a source.....  which that would then mean  tinnitus 
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