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 Agreed, I believe you used the tools available to you, but the problem is....  ultimately you discovered the answer, and at that point, once you KNOW the answer to the riddle, this knowledge is beyond the deffinition of what a "guess" is.  But I don't consider you a CHEAT, etc etc.    We want to do more activities like this, and of course utlizing video, as we think this adds to the excitement.  But obviously we need to figure out a more secure method, or the other option...
The Wizard is speaking     A) This competition/game was created by Noble, and we determine the rules and how they shall be implemented   B) Issue of multiple winners       A) There was only one prize to be had, so the thought of a second, third, fourth place and "participation" prizes goes with out saying....  not possible, as there is only one prize to be won       B) That being said, Brannan, being young and generous (far beyond my capabilities) offered a second...
Another good job by Blue Scholars (Transduced witht he Noble FR in F mode)  
Those are the universal iems, and the shells are made black abs, so different angles would be useless, and beyond that I don't have photos of different angles ( sorry)In theory it could be done, and I have looked into it & decided against it.
Red shoes, white tie, black coat
I went to the       Today   She said that I have been negleting myself.....     and she recommended more bass in my diet, and prescribed (4 dosses a day)       so I showed her my Kraken     she smiled and said     &        
 You may also want to do a search on that question, as well.
PM sent
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