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Lots of products carry wbk drivers or derivations of them The point is if you study the graphs, openly available to the public via knowles electronics, you get an understanding of the capabilities (and limitations) of IEMs Cheers
Suggestions, analyze the freq response of the wbfk (I do believe the specs can be found on the knowles website)Cheers
Fully understandCiems can be great, iems as well
Exactly, results and experiences will vary among individuals as we are all physically unique in some degree. So your experience is unique to yourself, and really can not be used as a "standard" across all people.
 A simple test:  Place your pinky deep into your ear canal, and open your mouth, move your jaw around...   you will feel the ear canal changeing in shape.  Your ear canal is not static, it changes in shape with jaw movement, neck movement, head position etc etc.....   I'd be shocked if your audiologist didn't know this.
  if you feel you need a refit, due to the fact that you have sound leakage in the laying position....  be sure to get your new impressions, while you are in a laying position...... but don't be surprised if you have sound leakage when you are in a sitting up position after that.
My expectations are mostly for clarity. I want to hear as much as possible. Most of my collection is melodic or symphonic so lots of instruments in a largely classical style of arrangement.        The N4 is great for that demand       I've heard people talking about some phones and sources being really bad for music that hasn't had the best mastering. Metal isn't known for attracting huge budgets so I'm guessing a lot of the music I listen to would be in that...
Yes, I just stumbled on to john butler as well
I was thinking iron man, as it has all the colors, red gold, black,,,,, Never even thought about cny for one moment, until anak chan mentioned it
Check john butler " ocean ". Big smile
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