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  Texans with talent https://centraltrack.com/Music/740/20-to-1/Counting-Down-The-100-Greatest-Texas-Musicians   (and to keep this on topic, the sound great with Noble products)       20. Beyonce Knowles The 75 million records Knowles has sold worldwide not only make her one of the most successful female musicians of all time, but one of the most successful musicians period. VH1 ranked her No. 3 in their list of the 100 Greatest Women in Music. The RIAA also...
   So much texture in that, lows, stunning vocals....  wow
  If your down with Texas Blues  
A classic design:   Two Tone Amboyna Amber Dripping with gold                     Blue October, another Texan    
 Just checking to see if you got all the tips that come in the standard packaging.
Apparently you purchased your savants second hand, how many tips came with your Savants?
Traditionally, yes
There are different schools of thought about cross overs. Basically passive components (and that is what a x-over is comprised of) to a certian degree, produce artifact. With that in mind, I try not to have crossovers with a lot of components.The idea that the drivers need to be equal (2 bass, 2 mid, 2 high) isnt necessarily accurate either, the mojo is realy about implementation / design.I dont buy into the idea that more is better, i believe better is better, and im...
I would guess it is due to the speed of ba drivers. They have less mass than a dynamic driver, thus the attack and recovery times are faster on a ba
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