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Those stands are solid, and weigh around 60 lbs each
A cabin, I don't think I'd be qualified, but if he wanted some audio gear, i'd be honored.
There are a lot of options/materials that can be used for the studio monitor, for example the gun metal brushed aluminum baffle can be made of carbon glass, or even recess carbon glass panels into the cabinet....Or wizard wood panels, died wood, metric or anodized aluminum veneers.... Really the possibilities are virtually limitless.Custom stands can also be built as wellPrestige, on steroids The starting price for the Noble One studio monitor is $17,000 (USD) Yes, Wizard designs are also possible as well. 
  Wise move on the desicant
   3 months.... I appologize for the hollidays, if it were up to me, I wouldn't sleep, eat or shower. Unfotunatley, the rest of the lazy world gets hollidays, hence shipping and customs are closed....   thus increasing the delay.    as for a better box   It is rugged, noticeable, and folks wouldn't think I have 3K worth of audio gear in it, and I can stuff the I-pad mini in it as well.
Yes we are very excited about this product....And the Noble,One studio monitor as well.
agreed the BTS is coveniemt, and some portable players do have bt as well, my cowon j3 has bt, but my plenue does not.I wouldn't use the bts as my primary "chill out to the best audio" listening sessions.... I'd go wired for that....But there are times when convenience is the priority rather than optimal sound quality, and for those times, the bts shines the most. This is not to say bts sounds horrid, as it doesn't, I'm just more of an old school believer in wired...
I love and miss Texas, my folks and brother live in Tyler, Tx. I wish I was there, but if I must live outside of the USA, where I am is a slice of heaven. They weather is pleasant, no air conditioning, and no heat as well. Just fans, and open windows is good enough. The house is really nothing more than a cabin, protects against the rain and the sun, but certainly isn't luxurious. We actually still have an out house behind the house, but fortunately we have running...
  The K10 Univ has been given top priority
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