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Wish u warm travels:)
K10 music    
I have the Cowon J3, Cowon Plenue, and Alien.   If running light, with the least amount of fuss, I'd pick the J3 (long battery life, lose it, no big loss as they are essentially absolute now)
Warning: Long Rant Post  A reply to a post found on another thread        The Prestige is a product that contains the internals of the K10.The K10, happens to be the top ranked CIEM currently on head-fi, and the most reviewed CIEM on head-fi as well.  (I think the number is 14-15 reviews, all resulting in 5 stars) The K10 sound signature can be purchased at 5 price points. K10 Universal $1,600 K10 CIEM customer designed $1,600+ (the retail price is the same as the...
  Mums the word from me
  What bums me out, Kaiser Soze uses a Nikon, 1/2 the price of my Cannon, but yet his Nikon takes awesome photos.....  That being said, it also could be he just knows how to take great photos, while I don't know diddle about cameras
For a good reason, they are both made from the same material
Post or e mail the design you are curious about, we will respond ASAP
Oh I'm aware of that functionThe problem is maintenance is difficult as we are always expanding on what we can do. If we didn't offer much customization, say clear shells only, or black face plates..... Then such a function would be feasible
 and all things considered, small as well
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