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Obviously Noble is perfectly capable of produceing hand built IEMs, as our K10 demo products are just that.  IEMs are purchased, in advance and in bulk via distributors. We believe that satisfying direct customer demands and distributor demands would be too overwhelming.     Not really, the answer is essentially the same. Yes, our Universal IEMS use an injected mold, which speeds up the build process. It also insures the quality of each shell is the same through out.  The...
How come....   I don't know, & I really can't speak for other companies.   The thing is, Knowles has many different BA models and they range in functionality, sizes, FR, impedance etc etc.  What they list publicly on their web site is just a very small fraction of what they have available.
Sure BA's get that high.
Seeing that, made me feel old
 I'm attempting to remain on topic, thanks
Visit the Noble website for details
1200..... Almost enough for a k10., but u lost 400
You may want to consider the noble FR as you state u enjoy full rangeThe f configuration is what we consider full range, while the r is reference listening....Beyond that, no amp is necessary with the FR
The short answerNo
The image of the woman looking frantically for her lost ear ring, and the bulls eye could probably be done
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