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 There is also the new DAP out by COWON, I have my eyes set on that. I sure would like to have it. I am a Cowon fan boy   
You sir, are a collector! Glad to see Noble is a part of your artifacts.
We offer up a description of the sound, and we have a variety of reviews covering the Noble product range. Our style of promotion, and marketing approach is pretty much the industry standard. We also do not offer graphs, which is hardly unique, and no reason to single Noble out and act as if this goes against normal practice.
Oddly enough, according to Jude and Tyle the ear buds that come with the I - phone graph astonishingly well
    Nah, don't sweat it.    Noble has been in business for near 9 months now and is growing fairly fast.  I have been in the CIEM/IEM industry at a commercial level for about 3 years now, and have been building/designing CIEMs/IEMs for around 10 years now. If you would like to see more Noble products/designs etc, check out the face book page. Cheers
Been counting sheep tonight with the K10's  
  I'm working on it.....  but this bike project is taking up a lot of time, even with Victor doing most everything. Trouble is Victor doesn't speak Chinese, and the engineers don't speak English or Thai..... so I have to translate via skype from time to time.
     Thanks for pointing that out, as we do get a lot of requests for woods to be duplicated.  We can hit the same species, but for an exact copy, that we can not do. In fact a lare percentage of Nobe and Wizard designs can't be 1:1 copies  (similar or captureing the spirit of a design can be duplicated to a degree, but in my opinion the fact that the designs can't be duplicated only adds to the aesthetics)              
  That would be difficult, as I reside in Thailand, and apparently kh600rr resides in Texas / Florida.  (Texas I can understand, Florida......   yuck)   Then again, I didn't like Florida, as it was essentlailly the same thing as Texas. :) 
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