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Noble Encore, 30 a day, lower tier products 200 a day
Yep, part of the human condition, unfortunately mistakes are made, and making everyone happy is impossible.   (but a worthy goal)      
   Being an entrepreneur isn't great, it is fantastic! I've been out of America for 11 years now, and have been back twice.  Once to attend an audiology conference, and the second time was pretty special for Noble's history.  It was when we first launched the universal line up for Noble. (Thanksgiving)   The first batch of universals were actually completely built in the USA, upstairs at my brother house.  We bought the microscope off of e-bay, and shipped it to my brother...
Folks, the idea of a holiday is a farce for Noble management. Even the idea of a vacation is rediculous, because if i did have free time, Id be doing this any how, because i love doing this, it isnt a job to me, and if it was, id probably hate doing it. Much like excersise, i hate it, but i love playing raqueteball, and if I thought that was a form of excersize, i hate it. I consider it a sport/game/challenge so i love it. Any how, those few that have CS issues and...
    The Honda Accord started selling at about the same time the ER4P did.   The price of a basic Accord was 11K USD, today's basic accord, is 22K (twice the original price)http://www.autoblog.com/2014/09/24/honda-accord-cheaper-now-than-1989/  The ER4p was originally priced at around 350 USD, 20+ years ago, and still carries the same price as it did, 20 years ago. What has certainly changed in the IEM realm is the definition of what a flagship product is, and that...
  No, circumstances being what they are, my wife and I were just exhausted, and went to bed as soon as we could.  ( we didn't do anything special, but we figure will make time in the near future)  Cheers
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Correct, there are some people that want something unique and exotic, and have the means to afford it, satisfying that market segment is just good business
U should contact Brannan via the noble web site for an answer to that questio, as he processes orders sent out from the California office
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