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thanks for the props. I have a lot of fondness for the savant as well
Roger that, there is replicated bass...... And then there is BASSone provides a feeling, and the other an emotion.
Dmarco has heard both, u may want to pm him that questionMy vote is for the savant, as it is less genre specific.
I think there is two Prestige Savants that have been built, so far. (More are being built now)One of the prestige savant owners also has some univ savants on order now. But has yet to receive them, so a direct comparison can't be made.In theory, there wouldn't be much of a difference, that being said, in the case of the k10 u vs k10 CIEMs, the report is the k10 ciem has a greater bass response, and I'd attribute that report to a better acoustic seal provided by a...
Yea, I was thinking loss of points if there was any more bass than there already is
I do like slurpees
  The topic is universals/IEMs....   universals are purchased in bulk by dealers/distributors around the world. 
  Some people send the impressions in a small Tupperware container and that offers adequate protection.  I advise you to send ear mold impression photos for Noble to review before you ship them.  As if they impressions are not adequate, then you will have wasted a lot of time and money.
  The "old way."   AKA, the tried and proven way.      One of the issues with 3d scanning is that the data must be useable by the equipment that companies have.  For example, a 3D scan taken by an audiologist, using a scanner provided by Siemens hearing aids, can only be used by Siemens Heaing Aids to manufacture the hearing aids.   You couldn't send the data to Widex or Phonak to have hearing aids built and I do believe the same situation applies to CIEMs as well.
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