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The fastest solution would be to refer to the list of noble dealers that is on the noble website and see if any of them have a k10ua in Stock.
1. You can submit the color and we can attempt to match it, but there is no guarantee that we could match it 100%. Knowing the mix ratios will not help as the die concentration would be different2. Noble offers a mic cable, it can be found in the accessories section of the websiteAnd yes, you should contact noble directly, as we are too busy here discussing cars
Googled it, ain't feeling it. That being said I am pondering the dark side a clk 55 amg w209 (silver)
Hmm. I like the lines of the e36. My wife's suv has push to start.. Absolutely maddening I Drive tech in cars drives me nuts as well.. GPS I like, all the other bells and whistles I can do without And cars without dip sticks... Can't figure out that logic either
I absolutely abhor push to start!
 A girl that is into gaming!  More importantly, buy her a RING        ASAP  
It is the most recent built Savant   
  He talked about that situation, he said "bird shot" was used in that video.  Bird shot, from a distance, wouldn't have the energy to cause much damage.
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