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  The story behind the ER4P was that Etyomotic Research was working on new testing equipment, possibly the ER 3a insert ear phones, which at that time was considered a big deal for audiology   The driver used in the 3A was/is a non-proprietary Knowles driver. Dr. Killion and his staff realized that the fidelity of that particular driver was pretty darn good, and decided to build an IEM around it....  giving birth to the ER4. That was around two decades ago, and ER was...
  I stumbled on to that last night by accident. I was actually looking for a song by "Fink" which is known for a much "calmer" genre.  But something about this song.....    gets the blood pumping
My issue with the DX is the battery life...... then again if the P1 has a short life when compared to the J3.  The J3 has really spoiled me in that respect.
 I think it is fairly safe to say that ruler flat IEMs would not be a commercial success. This is an assumption, but lets be logical.....  quality IEMs have been around for about 20 years now, and if flat was the holy grail, it would have been obtained by now, and all IEM companies would offer the same product. Beyond that, eventually there would be only a couple if not one IEM mfg in the world today, as if there was only one sound signature that was deemed "perfect" then...
   There are a couple of examples I can think of, the ER4 (p & s) but they both have a high frequency spike at around 2K Hz (and that isn't a negative statement, just a statement of fact) I did see a graph for the UE RM, and I do recall I was surprised by how flat it was, but I don't have that graph. I don't know who provided the graph, and I can't attest to the accuracy of the graph as well.  The idea that a loudspeaker should be flat can be justified. But the problem...
 there is an extensive thread regarding the P1, and I do beleive there is a comparison to the x5 as well. I can't remember what the end result was. 
 There is also the new DAP out by COWON, I have my eyes set on that. I sure would like to have it. I am a Cowon fan boy   
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