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Oh so what you are saying it is a matter of cable supply, that could be possible too. As I stated earlier, demand, supplies etc can cause delay as well.       I assumed it was a stock issue, as you stated the IEMs were ordered, rather than buying them imediatley.  This would indicate that they were not stocked, and thus had to be ordered & by doing so, would cause a longer wait period.     All that aside, it is good to know you appreciate how they sound.
That is fine, some of our non-prestige products are every bit as eye catching as the Prestige   for example      
Did u order a Prestige  
  A big thanks  
  I don't know how they could have been provoked as they purchased through a dealer, which is also a bit of puzlement as the complaint was "Noble doesn't care for their people...."  (paraphrase) Well if you purchase from a dealer, you are really more under the dealers custodianship rather than Nobles.   So I'm confused about that statement as well.....    Communications etc etc should be held with the dealer, not directly with Noble, so I don't know how they were...
 accurate at the time that was written if it is accurate after the Black Friday sale, and accurate at the point of when your order was placed (as this determines your placement in line) remains to be seen. I'm not here to scare anyone off, but I have to be honest.....  the amount of orders will impact the build times, this is just an unavoidable fact.   As for your dealer, he may have an order on the way or he may not have placed an order at all....   you really should...
Ok some customer gets on here, publicly scathes Noble, when Noble has done no wrong.... and Noble should offer no explanation....
All I can say is we are doing all we can to satisfy orders in a timely fashion, while maintaining the balance of speed and quality.Rico Suave is flying in tomorrow to help out again. We have more folks than just Rico, but he was been with me from the very early days, and he is willing to work 18 hrs a day so his arrival is welcomed.
You got me wrong, Calvin is in my eyes, an awesome guy and his personality, and integrity is more valuable to me than revenue & I think he knows that. He visits me in Thailand from time to time, and I'll be seeing him in Feb.I have nothing but the positive to say about Calvin.But what I did sate is the reality of things, there are two lines, dealers and direct customers, and I don't know how to adress this in a more fairer model.cheers to Calvin and his hard work
It could be shorter, for example, your dealer may know his products will be shipped in a matter of days, or are actually in route at the moment you are at his store. If that is the case, then it would be safe to say that ordering with your dealer would be faster.
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