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  Smart minds think alike
No hiss with the cowon p1 or onkyo dpx
That is the toothpaste I use
Legally speaking, building a device to compensate for your hearing loss, would make that product a medical device, thus that product would be under the umbrella of the FDA.Noble does not produce or sell medical devices
If they see a demand strong enough, I would like to to think that would encourage them to hold another drop.But ultimately it is their decision
Actually, i dont have any
At this point in time I know just as much as you do.
Great modCable next?
ThanksGlad to hear you like them
  Noble doesn't sell parts, so really driver count isn't the major factor in product prices.   (there are some single BA universals priced at over 1K USD on the market)  Being how I built the Noble X, and understand the design goals from the start, I would say the step up from the Noble X would be the Encore.     The Noble X is supposed to be a non polarizing product, meaning it doesn't really belong in any one category (flat, clinical, warm, bass heavy etc etc)  The goal...
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