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We r working with thinking group
Burn in......How much time......Consider this, balanced armature drivers are used primarily in hearing aids, which are FDA controlled medical devices.Now when you fit a hearing aid, you must fit the hearing aid to match the individuals hearing loss (similar concept as fitting glasses according to test results).Now do you think the FDA would accept drivers that "drift" after being fitted to a persons hearing loss?But back to your question, "burn in" is a polarizing topic so...
 If you have another cable you could change out the cable and try to locate the problem
  and, are we talking about a CIEM demo (fit issues, sound leakage etc)  
  You really should read this review :
There have been a lot of good reports regarding the Hugo + k10 combo. In fact Noble has a relationship with Chord, in that Chord uses Noble products to demo the Hugo in Europe, and Noble uses the Hugo to demo noble products at shows/ events held in the USA.
Well ur r certainly getting a good taste of the product line. Not sure if the pr is necessarily higher in sq over the 4, as that is subjective, but it does require more time and effort to build.
Not surprised either. Everyone is physically unique, so results are unique to some degree as well. Further more, the custom sleeves are made from silicone, a dynamic material.... Great for isolation
1). I would not be surprised if the sure e846 has better isolation. The IEM has a rubber/silicone ear tip, which is dynamic, it can move with the constantly changeling ear canal. You can't ask for a better form of isolation, in fact the research supports that statement2). The two pin socket is fairly robust, but frequently exchanging cables is not a good idea as that can lead to loose fitting socket
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