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AID2HEARING22 Oakleigh GardensWhetstoneLondonN20 9AB+44 (0) 20 8445 6030giseleflower@aid2hearing.co.ukhttp://www.aid2hearing.co.uk
It would take a lot of effort to clone the cnc housing of the k10ua, im not saying it is impossible to do, but im not sure the juice would be worth the squeze, and due to that i think it is safe to say a noble k10 ua would be genuineBut if a noble product is sold by a non authorized source, there would be no warranty attached to the product
To me, k10 is like a whirl pool, with the water temp just pefectly set, when u slide into the water, u feel welcomed, and u dont want to leave...
BTW     The woman to my right is my sister in law, she was translating for me at the show in Japan             The guy sporting the Noble Katana T, is my big, little brother       We turned the show in Tokyo into a family event.    
  I have to say, I like how the K10 is the "Dark Horse" and the Katana is clear  I'm rocking the Katana's now.....  Tina Turner "I can't stand the rain"  
I could be wrong, but I'll take a stab     Dulce Bass   K10    Katana
Thanks for your comments, and we look forward to your build. Seems to me, the Katana will be a good fit for the genres you like to listen to
  The Savants and the Savannah are housed in an ABS plastic bottom, with aluminum caps.
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