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Buried in the threadI grew tired of reading statements, made by experts, that the switch was adjusting the x over responseWhen the reality was the switch was turning off a cluster of drivers and activating another cluster of drivers. Each cluster of drivers had their own X over network. It was litteraly a two in one product.Due to the misconception of the products, I think sales were less than hoped for, and rather than continuing an educational push regarding the...
I would love to get back home as well, in fact I should do that for many reasons
I have a j3 still works, have a p1 as well
  I was in Taiwan yesterday ,in Bangkok now, be in Japan tomorrow, should be in Indonesia in November, Taiwan again in December, Singapore in March.  Not sure when I will be back in Malaysia.  If Jaben organizes a mini meet, I will be sure to attend.   
   I got a cordless 110/220 volt for travel, hopefully I can hold him down long enough  
  Quote:Originally Posted by WCDchee Will there be a new model this weekend?  WCDchee, if someone says something long enough, it may eventually come true.   For example, I could repeatedly say, "It is going to rain....."       eventually it will rain, that is just nature at work but that doesn't mean I know anything more about the weather than the next guy.
   Awesome photo
  sadly yes, and that does slow things down a bit
  Yea, what he said (sorry for the repeat post)
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