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   They both have their merits.  
Wish I could go, I will be in Malaysia July 1 - 12, then on to the show in Tokyo.   S.E. Texas is my stomping grounds, did an externship at Baylor, and lived in Clear Lake during that time. (Grew up near Beaumont)     It sure would have been nice to go, I'd would have gone on down to Galveston as well.       If there is a show in Texas again, please let me know.                      
Noble K10 Progression                             (100 out in the wild)         (Rarer than Hens teeth, 20 in the wild)            K10 Born from Passion      
  It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.....    times, they are a changing
The Gravity GTR is the Best    
 Another Noble has that covered  
Only thing i have planned are new brake discs and pads. My car is 21 years old, but im not too happy with the play station cars of today. Presetting your desired M features, I drive, etc etc, no clutch pedal.... just doesnt seem like a car anymore
  A Nissan GTR (V6) will blow the doors off of most V8's all day every day.    It is about implementation, design etc etc, not necessarily about numbers
Thank you Rico, for getting those parts out ASAP    
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