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Be honored to build you a set as well
We'd be honored to build it
Yes the red tips are a bit more stif, which is why I rely on the blue tips most of the time
Japan did get some K10 univ in navy blueRico Suave has a set in hunter green
the red K10 univ was built as a "Prize" product for a head fi meet, I think it was the Rocky Mountain event
You have got the one and only red k10U ?
Solid wood is also an option, what this means isThere are no patches of colored acrylic in the ciem shell.... Just wood... Acoustically the same result, just different aesthetically
Is the universal equal to the custom in terms of sound quality?  Quality?  That depends on the user.  If you are asking if the sound signature is the same between a custom and a universal.....  The measurements between a CIEM and an IEM (taken at the sound bore) would be essentially identical, but measurements taken at the level of the ear drum would be different and this is due to physics.  Does this mean one is superior, and one inferior? Nope, just means different
  and clips 
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