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  I'm lucky my wife likes attending the shows   
     What!   The show is a short vacation!
 If u go to the Singapore show in March, you can test drive them there, or visit our dealer before the show.   (hope u make it to the show)   
  Rin,  Where are u located?
  That question would be best posed to Brannan, as head fi members are not privy to the internal workings of Noble.   Contact Brannan at  https://nobleaudio.com/en/support/contact/  Further more, there were some national holidays within China this month, and that can sometimes throw things out of order.   Get in touch with Brannan, and see what transpires.  
We are not McDonolds, we dont offer McDonalds style products or service. If anything, the turn around time is blistering fast, try buying a bespoke knife and see how long you will wait or try buying a bespoke pair of boots and see how long the wait is.Further more, wait times are an indication of demand, the less demand, the less orders, the faster the turn around. Demand is a function of satisfied customers.... much like a full parking lot at a restaraunt, turn around...
  Sure, no problem     
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