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I originally purchased the clk 55 amg for myself, but found it boreing, so i gave it to my wife. If it had a stick, i would have liked it more, but even then i think i would still prefer the e36.
What surprises me, is the e36 hardly, comparetivley speaking, received much positive press. (Probably because there were two versions ero/usa) Ive tried more modern, more powerful cars, but i just prefer the e36... possibly the m2 would spark my fancy, otherwise, im just not into all the modern trimmings Speaking of holding value, i saw a k10 gen 1 (abs housing) sold for 900$
All this talk of BMW & Mercedes                 I prefer the E36 M3, over the CLK 55 AMG, even considering the E36 is 10 years older and less Hp than the CLK.
^ +1
Check the encore reviews as answers can be found there
   A budget of 8k - 10k USD, will allow for an exclusive Prestige CIEM.   They are fairly rare, I think we built three sets in 2016.   The Noble Katana fits the sound description you are looking for.  Reviews of the Katana can be found here http://www.head-fi.org/products/noble-audio-katana  The prestige is made from a solid medium, the medium could be wood, acrylic, hybrid alloys etc  The ear mold is scanned by a 3d Scanner, and a block of material is then CNC milled to...
Just keep your proof of payment and take a photo of the serial number on the box. That information will help keep your warranty valid
Cheapest would be eq, i guess cable magic may be an option... Can of worms just opened
Welcome,     Can you offer some ideas about the tube amp?   Desk top, portable etc etc?       Cheers    
 doubts?  I thought your statements were more of an synopsis of what you heard?   Regardless, the parts are the same, drivers same, dampers are the same.  That being said you are not the first to say that the Gen 1 K10 U, sounds different than the K10 UA gen2 . It is a fact that different materials/objects have different resonant characteristics...   perhaps this could (in your case) attribute to a detectable sonic difference?    Regardless, I do hope you find a Noble...
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