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I am a k10 fan as well
Those are done by "setting" the diamond. I can't get a single diamond as big as your ear.
  The problem with stones etc etc, is they get hot while trying shape/cut etc.  To cool them off, would require water, and water and CIEMs are a poor mix. I have tried working with stones, and decide it wasn't feasable.   That being said, we have a lot more to offer, Wizard Design's that have yet to be seen.
  Just working
  Wizard N6
CIEMs = Time   Some CIEMs can require up to 40 hrs to build Building CIEM's require rare skill sets, & rare skill sets require a premium payment. Consider this, statistically speaking, you are more likely to bump in to person that can fly a plane, than meet a person that can build a CIEM.    
We did a feather in lay once before.
We r working with thinking group
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