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        Yes, I do like the Sage as well  but you will have to pry my Katana out of my cold dead hand  
Sorry, must be a communication error, only the encore and the Katana are built in that mannerThat being said, the Sage is still a great value
[quote name="Eide" url="/t/684787/ PS. The Encore is almost twice as expensive, but they certainly doesn’t sound twice better. If sound improvement can be quantified, maybe 15% better. But for me it was worth the upgrade. [/quote] Twice as expensive and 10 times as durable as the encore housing is made from cnc aircraft grade billet aluminum as opposed to an injected plastic housing
  To my left, is my sister-in-law, a Japanese native, she helps out with translating etc etc.  
Small Coke in Indonesia Next stop, Taiwan
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