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Nice stone work as well
Wow, that is a beautiful horse:)
Folks probably hang around in the lounge a lot waiting for Which reminds me, got to get back to the grind
 "The Noble thread" - I think you are refering to the "Wizard Returns thread, wich seems to have morphed into a "Noble Lounge" where people share a lot of things, from Daps, cables, music prefernces, jokes, and sometimes an occasional insults (made in jest I'm sure) There is "gold" in that thread to be harvested from time to time, but one must search for it. If you want a more direct location of information, I'd recommend folks to seek out other Noble threads and reviews...
I assume so
That isn't a stupid questionAnd yes, he will have demos with him
N4 and the switch share similar attributes of being a jack of many tradesBut n5 hits harder and goes lower than the n4 or the FR / PR
  Sorry to disapoint.  We just released two new products (FR and PR).  We are not really keen on releasing products that would make our current products obsolete, considering we have been open for about 6 months now.  I don't think our customers would appreciate such tactics.   This does not mean we will never release new products.....   I just think we will do so in a prudent manner.
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