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Ur not weird, this is just a question thatA - I can't resolve via tapping on my phoneB - a question not in my wheel house. I am more in the area of production and designBrannan would take care of such a question and he is asleep right nowThus the best way to have cs questions such as yours answered would be to E mail him, the website has the contact information there
Well this falls in the 10% arenaCheers
U may want to contact Brannan, headfi isn't where noble takes care of cs issues Thanks
Yes sir
Stereolithography google it or you tube itThanks
I would think so, as the final batch goes out to california on monday
Great to see you have that set, there are only a few built with that design
A fair price, nothing to cause a frenzy over
Greatly appreciated
Coupled with 5 stars, I'd say that is an awesome review
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