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  The shells are injection molded.   But we hand finish the shells, seal the face plate to the shell, sand down the joint, making the product seamless.  We then apply cosmetic grade glitter to the shell, and lacquer the shell (final step) Overall, the process requires a lot of time.     A couple of reasons why we are back ordered. 1 - The demand2 - the large amount of time required to build the k103 - Dealers/Distributors purchase lare quantities of product, so the...
The savant and the 846 r two different animals. Just my opinion, but 846 is more fun focused, while the savant is more balanced focussed. If u like a fun focussed type product, the k10 is a better candidate
    Another Savant is born   http://www.head-fi.org/products/noble-audio-savant/reviews/13901
If high frequency emphasis is your cup of tea, you are late to the table, as that would have been the Noble PR Universal switch product. (No longer in circulation) One can still order "off menu" CIEMs with the Pure driver/s within the shell at an added cost if interested.If not, no problem, not everyone strives to become a nobleman.
 Is the Savant suitable for all music genres?  More so when compared tot he Noble 4, but not as much as the K10. The Savant is amazing, but not up to all the abilities that the K10 has.  But even with that in midn, I still love the Savant
  Digital records are kept for Prestige orders.
 a little more of her story  and another amazing singer out of the Philipines 
If u do not want to lose your acoustic seal while laying down, then get impressions while in the laying position.....But don't expect a good seal while in an upright position after that.
Story has it, this girl met Brannan at a mall and she felt inspired          
This Savant Univ will be shipped out in the next production batch. If interested, send PM.  
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