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Quote: Originally Posted by nylan8301 Clearly we'll be seeing Warmachine in the next movie. Nylan That's another good character from the series? I know nothing of the IronMan history.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ricardo Dawkins that is a metallic skin Do you have any idea of where to get them?
As an update from my last post, the use of a set of Jabadas and a set of UE bi-flanges provides the best seal and comfort.
I personally think they will be trash unless they're made by the same company as the SoundMAGIC PL-30s are made by.
Where did you find the graphics for the D2?
The bass of the PL-30s is outstanding. Very strong and well controlled.
Quote: Originally Posted by DoomzDayz how is the isolation on these? With a set of Jabadas and UE bi-flanges, the isolation is about 85% to 95% of the Etymotics.
Another sweet mod!
Quote: Originally Posted by chinesekiwi Proven to be fake my friend (at least the CX300 is from Focal). Extremely close to authentic but still fake. You can't prove it by me. I have the CX300s in fake and real and the CX400s from FP are identical to the real CX300s throughout the entire package....every component and element and they sound outstanding...not as good as the SM PL-30s, but still outstanding.
Quote: Originally Posted by AnXioZ Hmm interesting... how were they able to reduce the cost and improve the quality at the same time?! That's completely insane. BTW, lewislink have you tried the 20$ PL-30's? Nope, I haven't tried them but LTUCCI is supposed to be getting some of the $20 ones and already has the same ones I have. I hate to think about it but living conditions and salary in China might not be all that well, bringing the cost...
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