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 do you have a link to the 'latest' schedule info?  are there dates per batch?
 I would recommend an R2R DAC.  I have a totaldac, that is above your price range, but the sound of R2R and stax are magic together.
 @rmullins08 i am also around that  batch.did you receive yours yet, or a shipping notification?
can anyone tell us what batch they received or know which  batch is shipping now?
 moi aussi
enjoying the reviews!   can you add anything regarding isolation for these iem? i only use my iem on planes and trains, so isolation is very important to my personal evaluation metric.
http://www.whatsbestforum.com/showthread.php?6905-Totaldac-Reference-D1&p=322213&viewfull=1#post322213   Looks like Vincent just answered one of my questions yesterday (AES/EBU input is his recommendation)
hi folks,   i have a few questions about squeezing more goodness out of a dac that is so good i wonder how it can be made better (but always willing to try!)   i currently use the sotm sms-100 (battery powered) to run usb into the totaldac d1-dual.   while the server/reclocker sounds wonderful, i'm wondering if we (collectively) have any view on what aspect may be the most beneficial. 1.  reclocking 2.  aes/ebu vs. usb into dac   has anyone compared aes/ebu vs....
both units sold.
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