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hi, just discovered this thread and found cracks in my ER4P cable. i'll PM you shortly in case you have one available.
hi,   i'm in the same boat as my (now very) old etymotic cables are cracking. can you post pictures of how the new cables connect to the ER4?   thanks
folks,   nobody (me included) likes waiting this long, but we bought into a product before it was commercially available.  the v2+ is running much later than planned but that is what happens sometimes when you push the envelope in engineering and are a small manufacturer (i'm an electrical engineer with a very large manufacturer of telecom equipment).   that said, the v2 sounds fantastic so i'll wait (sorta) impatiently for the v2+.   on the other hand, LHlabs should...
@LHLabs   You previously said you were targeting end of March for v2+ delivery. Please give us an update.
can anyone comment on the cable and susceptibility to microphonics as compared to the older/thinner cable?
http://herbiesaudiolab.net/base2.htm   I have these under my amp, equipment rack and speakers. I plan to try them on the BHSE.
are the cables for the v1 and v2 different?
 thanks for the update............i guess i'll hope for end of march as well for my v2+
so the V2+ infinity is or is not available?
 that is wonderful Arnaud.  congrats on the d1-six.i am considering that path also. which input are you using on the totaldac and what are the details of the source?
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