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 haven't done it yet, but i plan to test that in my car music server system (5vdc derived from car 12v) too bad my car setup is not balanced as the balanced sound is really nice. worth the wait (assuming you had something else to play with in the interim, which i did)
 just to clarify, i have a totaldac d1-dual and i do not consider it 'warm'..............my feeling is that it is not 'harsh' or 'too bright' and therefore does not need to be 'tamed'
 short update:i have the GO2A working with a Sonore Sonic Orbiter SE for my car music server system.i previously had the GO2 with an odroid u3 micro-pc running a squeezebox servier and squeezelite player.i decided to replace this with the Sonic Orbiter SE for simplicity (i.e. don't have to deal with linux updates, etc).last step is to add a micro-wifi-router later today and put the whole thing back in my car's glovebox, which i have wired with 2 5V usb connections. some...
 an r2r dac is a perfect match for sr009, in my opinion.
  thank you so much for your selfless efforts here!
got mine yesterday in the mail, but didn't have time to play before i had to go somewhere. today, i plugged it into my linux pc with my old etymotic er4p and, voila, music.   i'm burning it in now, as i have somewhere else to go. eventually, this one goes in my 2TB car music server.
@larry   any update on when cases will be available and when upgrade to GO V2A will begin to be shipped?
mine came in the mail yesterday. MOTO XPE phone running UAPP app, OTG cable to v2+, auto recognized by UAPP and working in less than 60seconds and tested playing files at 44k, 96k, 192k and 384k. didn't have time to be critical listening but sounded quite fine out of the box with my daughter's sennheisers in single ended mode.   will test next with my balanced JH13proV2 as this is intended to be my 'travel rig'.   very impressed so far.
with my d1-dual, i much prefer the balanced output to single ended, both to my BHSE/Stax009 headphone setup and my Ayon/Nola speaker system.   has anyone compared the balanced/single ended outputs of the six?   now i know the d1-dual balanced has an advantage at the start since their is a r2r ladder for each side and you lose half the resistors with the regular single ended ouput. in the six, there are 3 ladders per output in single ended, so i would expect that to...
 do the monoblocks have an active output stage or are they direct output like the twelve?i'm wondering if the magic is in the direct output?(assuming of course you have enough gain with direct output to drive your system)
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