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anyone have a geek out working with squeezeplug, on either a RPI or OdroidU3?
 fails for me.i still get the same failure (no usb device seen by uapp)44.1k and DSD lights are both on. nexus 7 (2013 version) with android 4.4.4 any clues in the lights that go on?
just got my GeekOut (GO450) but no joy here.   config: Nexus tablet with latest android OS, latest UAPP, OTG cable to GO450.   result:  USB device not found when i try to play music via GO450. two lights are on (44.1 and dsd)   same config works fine with meridian explorer dac.   is this a known GO problem or do i have settings/sequencing wrong? anyone got this working with UAPP and nexus tablet?   thanks.   edit:  possibly a power drain issue?  i've seen a...
 not to mention, those folks are ignoring substantial scientific data showing that, based on non-blind testing, the BHSE sounds better the longer one has to wait for it to arrive.  :)
sorry folks, but i sold the amps last week but hadn't closed the ad yet.
price reduced to $3100
price reduced to $3300
I could not live with the upsampling DAC's either because of the digititus. The problem with stats is that they are so transparent and revealing of all the up stream gear so poor recording or a highly lit up DAC will be immediately noticeable. Personally I went through a number of DAC's and ended up with a NOS DAC too for use with the 007MK1. The upsampling/oversampling versions I tried just sounded mechanical and artificial. I think if you are prepared to spend huge sums...
What if I don't plan to use this with headphones at all but as line out into aux-input of my car stereo?   Any recommendations on which output to use and how to set volume? I plan to use the analog volume control on my car stereo, so I just need STABLE volume settings from the media server (Squeezelite will have fixed, 100% volume) and the GO.  I can set the input sensitivity of the aux-in of the car stereo to match other inputs (XM, FM, etc).   Thoughts?
 Fool proof update to above: 1) Unplug headphones from the GO2) Wait for firmware update that fixes volume problem/confusion3) Enjoy GO caveat: easy for me to say, i won't get my GO for another couple of weeks :)
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