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 I have eliminated options 1 and 2, while options 3 and 4 are still to be determined. However, i also think I've found the the time I changed the tubes, I also ran changed the wiring a bit.My dac has both single ended and balanced outputs, and the balanced sound much better because the dac is truly balanced and using single ended throws away 1/2 the resistors in the R2R dac.I had previously talked to Vincent about using both outputs, balanced to...
 number 3 is obviously true, but this could involve more than just one factual item :) i may not have been clear originally, but i may have already changed cables a bit, so i'm not sure the psvane tubes are the only thing i varied.stay tuned............
 that's what i was afraid of, 'cables'. i recently put psvane el34ph tubes in and even though they are now around 100 hours, i think (?) i like the stock tubes better.............need to swap them back in this weekend...........but also wondering if i changed anything else like cables, or if i didn't, will the cables make much of a difference...................the curse of 'everything matters'
 congratulations! can you elaborate on 'some tuning for the dac' please?
price reduced
I'm streamlining my system(s) and consolidating to just one, so I'm letting some things go.   TACT room correction pre-amps have been in my systems for over a decade and do an amazing job at creating a stable image and soundstage, spectacularly so when the speaker locations are constrained. In my case, I had B&W 801s that had to be placed either side of a fireplace and could not be moved out far from the back wall................the imaging was terrible. With the...
 i use UAPP on my nexus 7 with a meridian UAPP setup, i have options to have the volume slider control 1) software or 2) DAC h/w
 same we need a separate tapers' section next time?
 It was nice to meet you ESL-1, you had some nice stuff with you!let me know if/when you feel you don't need to have that SR-3 anymore 
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