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 i like the 'squeezer' app for LMS much better than squeezebox or ipeng.currently i use that as the control point in my car's music server (lives in the glovebox)
 thanks. the link explicitly compares mpd mode (where uRendu renders) with HQplayer and Roon where the uRendu does not render.is it clear that LMS/squeezelite falls in the latter category? i've also been following the CA thread on the uRendu. in my experience, synergy is king so when you get into the plethora of other variables (e.g. power, streamer, streamer mode, cables, music format, music stream format) it can be hard to get a handle on what really makes the best...
 i've just gotten my uRendu and will be testing with a D1-dual dac.  i'm looking  forward to combining the uRendu with the SOtM dX-USB-HD w/super clock (current setup has sms-100 feeding aes/ebu reclocker) and seeing  if that outperforms the uRendu usb into the D1-dual.
 i plan to do the same comparison.  i got my uRendu delivered while i was in europe on vacation and am currently burning it in, so i'm not listening critically at all.i have both LMS and minimserver running on my Netgear NAS already but have never compared them.my preference was for mimimserver due to the much faster response time of the control point with a large >50k track music system. one thing i have found is that WAV sounds much better than FLAC and i'm very...
Folks at the Design Museum in Oslo were not letting me plug in my Etymotics si no audio impressions to report.
Scandinavian wall that would make any home or dorm proud!
1930s Tesla
(year ?)
I missed Long Island this year but have audio photos from yesterday to share anyway! 1934 B&O home rig
Has anyone compared flac and wav with the mRendu? (Assuming you previously heard a difference)
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