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Not sure what I'll bring yet, but I hope to be there. Cheers.
 down the road, i would consider that but i'll pursue some other options first.thanks.
bummer it is  :)   and i haven't even gotten to my main objective, which is geekout from a RPi or Odroid3 running linux and squeezeplug in my car system!   however, I have sent UAPP folks a log file which shows the geekout and nexus TRYING to sync up...........i'm keeping my fingers crossed that it can be solved on UAPP's side, and if not, they can point out what the geekout might need to fix.   UAPP should, i believe, be able to work here as it only needs OTG from...
I concede that the geekout works with some Samsung devices.I concede that geekout needs external powerI have a nexus 7 which works great with otg and UAPP and a meridian explorer DACHowever, the geekout does not work with the same hw and I am using external powerSo, has anyone gotten a nexus 7 to work with a geekout?
 i assume this is lollipop and you are running a developer beta for now?can you confirm it plays hi-rez files also?
Samsung modifies the Android OS, so that isn't plain vanilla android as with the Nexus tablet. Hopefully Android Lollipop will solve this, but who knows.
anyone yet have a GeekOut DAC working with UAPP and plain vanilla kit kat?
Have to say I'm shocked. Only meant to be used with PC? Not meant to be portable?There are dozens of DACs, many portable, that work fine with UAPP running on android. Let's stop blaming android and get some robust interfacing so that the geek can do what the meridian explorer, dragonfly and numerous other supposedly 'sonically inferior' DACs do routinely now. UAPP is the workaround of choice for android's lack of native USB support. I see no reason that geek doesn't...
With the wonderful UAPP app, my nexus tablet does indeed pass USB audio to my meridian explorer DAC.Why the geek doesn't work as well, I don't know.Uapp works fine with many many dacs and the app developer is very responsive.
 samsung stuff sometimes works......... the question is, when is android officially supported by the geek out?  is android L going to work?what is LH doing to make this work with android?
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