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 moi aussi
enjoying the reviews!   can you add anything regarding isolation for these iem? i only use my iem on planes and trains, so isolation is very important to my personal evaluation metric.
http://www.whatsbestforum.com/showthread.php?6905-Totaldac-Reference-D1&p=322213&viewfull=1#post322213   Looks like Vincent just answered one of my questions yesterday (AES/EBU input is his recommendation)
hi folks,   i have a few questions about squeezing more goodness out of a dac that is so good i wonder how it can be made better (but always willing to try!)   i currently use the sotm sms-100 (battery powered) to run usb into the totaldac d1-dual.   while the server/reclocker sounds wonderful, i'm wondering if we (collectively) have any view on what aspect may be the most beneficial. 1.  reclocking 2.  aes/ebu vs. usb into dac   has anyone compared aes/ebu vs....
both units sold.
sale pending.
price dropped to $110
price drop to $120, includes shipping in US and paypal
 magical combo! congratulations Arnaud!
GO450 with latest FW, excellent condition. Color is silver. Comes with USB dongle plus soft pouch & original box (if I can find them....think I can).   Price includes shipping and paypal.
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