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Are any of these recently reviewed IEMs likely to show up in Stamford? I think I've seen the JHA and Noble at past meets.   http://www.head-fi.org/t/769843/fit-for-a-bat-flagship-iems-shootout-8-ct6e-7-h8p-6-jh13-5-k10-4-bd4-2-3-a12-2-w500-1-se5u#post_11647607   The Contenders (in alphabetical order) from that thread were: 1964Ears | Adel A12 Advanced AcousticWerkes AAW W500 AHMorph Clear Tune Monitors CT-6E Elite CustomArt Harmony 8 Pro Jerry Harvey Audio JH13...
First, thanks for the amazing reviews you've posted. They are very much appreciated.   I have one question for the thread at large. Which of these (not too many?) are available in the U.S. for demo listening? Are some of them on display at CanJam?   I'm in the market for a iem to go with my GO V2+ (when it gets here :) ) but am trying to figure out if these TOL iem will be nearby for listening tests.
well, i have a v2 in my car system (odroidU3 music server) and love it. i have a fan installed since 1) it is in the glovebox of my car, 2) the little linux computer adds heat as well.   i have a v2+ on order, but i wonder if a v2 + Y cable + anker battery might be a 'cooler' alternative?
 Also an excellent idea for all of us as potential auction items to help support these meets!Great suggestion. [blasphemy alert--read ahead at your own peril]By the way, am I the only audiophile over age (insert number here) with a music collection that includes rock who has NEVER ever owned a copy (in any format) of DSOTM, or even listened to it all the way through?Inquiring minds want to know...............
I much prefer time domain, better imaging by far.
Plan to be there. Bringing: GeekoutV2 GeekoutV2+ OdroidU3 based music server, Rev.5 AQ jitterbug Hoping to hear: TOL iem, single ended and balanced options (v2+ supports both)
how sensitive do you folks find the GO v2 with respect to input jitter of the usb source? i'm wondering if the performance might be improved with something like the AQ jitterbug.   Since I'm using what is probably a pretty noisy usb source (Odroid U3 running ubuntu, cost ~70 dollars), I plan to order a jitterbug.   Just wondering if anyone has has played around with this combination?
I found a way to get my GeekOut V2 sent quickly.................I went on vacation, so of course I got the shipping email as soon as I got to the other coast.   The V2 is now part of my car's music server system that uses an Odroid U3 running Ubuntu, the Squeezeplug app to provide a Squeezebox server, USB out to the V2 with single ended output to AUX of car stereo system. Odroid also runs a wifi access point and DHCP server and a 2TB portable hard drive. This all fits...
 do you have a link to the 'latest' schedule info?  are there dates per batch?
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