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1 year old Silver Dragon cable from Moon Audio. Light use.   $200 "all in" via PayPal includes fees and shipping.   Trades for USB and other interconnects considered.
Sorry, sold in record time!
Selling my lovely Denons as I simply don't use them. I've had them about 9 months with maybe 10 hours of use. Purchased from another Head-fier who owned them for a couple years, also with very little use.   They are in excellent condition and include the original box.   Asking $399 via PayPal which includes fees and shipping to CONUS.
I purchased this a few months ago from another Head-Fier and ended up not having use for it as I went with an integrated DAC/Amp instead.   It works well and sounds great, though showing some wear from use. I'm asking $200 (I can live with $180) (I gotta get rid of this, $155 please) shipped in CONUS, same as I paid. Also accepting trades so offer whatever (interested in Lyr Tubes, USB cables, Toslink cables, etc.)   Here's the original description from the...
I have a Westone W4 with all original packaging and accessories in perfect condition (aside from a little dust).   I am the original owner and these were purchased in November of 2011.   These have seen very little use, under 20 hours with a single pair of tips.   I'm very firm on the price for sale, but am open to trade for full-size headphones, DACs, etc. (NO IEMs please).
I'm parting ways with my HiFiMAN HM-801 which is in excellent condition (like new), plastic still on the LCD. I'm not getting use out of the portable nature of the solution and would like a desktop headphone amp.   I've had the HM-801 for about 8 months with about 350 hours (best guess), purchased through Audio Advisor. I believe it has the latest firmware, 0.19.   I've been using it as a DAC/AMP in combination with the Musical Fidelity V-Link out of my MacBook...
PM'd you back.
Hi all.  I have some 24/88 FLAC files that I'd like to play on my HifiMan HM-801.   My HM-801 is being a jerk and won't play them.  I don't know if this is by design or a bug in the firmware.  I believe I have the latest firmware.  I thought that I had read the 801 would upsample auto-magically, but I could be wrong.  Either way, this is more about the process not the player:   It seemed like upsampling might be better than downsampling so I'm throwing my 24/88...
You have to specifically set the output to 24/96, but the MBP does support it.   I've confirmed that it works on another MBP so it looks like my MBP is FUBAR.  I'd love to replace it with one of the newly released ones.  Fast.
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