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My Turbines lasted around half a year, the left earpiece lost its sound, so I think I broke the cable. I put them back in the included case after every use, but they're hooked up to my S9 in my jeans pocket so i probably tugged at the cable pretty hard when I sprint to catch a bus. I'm in Toronto, so it was cold a couple weeks ago, and that might have made the cable a little more brittle.
I used the MT as my daily portable(walking to school, bus/subway, very normal things really). I found when the jack was in my jeans pocket, it got bent, and then as the cable curved past a certain point, the sound started going in the left driver (this happened twice, takes around 2 months to start curving that much and then die). I always put them back in the included carrying case, the only 'abuse' i have had with them is when i have to start sprinting to catch a...
So from what I'm reading here, the redesign is bad in the sense that they jut out of your ear more, thus lowering the quality of the seal; does that mean it's less suitable for subway usage now? I totally agree with you dC0m, it is sad that a CABLE company can't get the cables on their IEMs right. The wire needs to be thicker, more durable and less microphonic. Hopefully Monster will fix this in a future revision of the Turbines(though it is highly unlikely) Also,...
Did they do anything new with the jack? Hopefully they find a way to reinforce the cable going into the jack so my cables don't die out as fast. As an aside, does anyone have any advice on how to avoid the cable dying at the jack? My cable has to be bent flat for any sound to come out of the left driver. (By bent flat i mean bent perpendicular to the jack)
The cables are very fragile, you have to take good care of them. I wrapped mine up and put it in the included carrying pouch every time after use and they died on me in two months(the two pairs I had both died in two months). Btw, they never snagged on anything. They sound great when they're still alive and kicking, but when they die out, it sucks. Also, regular cleaning of the vent over the opening is recommended, don't want too much earwax blocking your sound. I use...
Skeptic, like I said, those are my opinions. I don't have all the specifics on the IE8, as it was one of those demo ones in the store, I listened for 10 minutes, I used the store's iPod Classic since I didn't have my own source on me. I'm saying a cello doesn't sound like it should because its MY opinion, if you don't like it, ignore it.
^Thanks, I guess I'm stuck with taping, any suggestions on what tape to use? I think electrical tape (the black tape is what I'm thinking of) would be best, but just want a second opinion
Now that I know what heat shrink is, how do I know what width to get and how do I do it? Advantages of heat shrink over tape? (sorry that was off topic, back on topic) I'm looking forward to your review of the his and mids, from what you're saying it seems like the AT's are better than the IE8
Monster Turbines are plenty bassy for your genres, however I do have to say that the cable sucks. Strain relief near the connector is pretty crappy
^it is, cause I'm in the market and it is a headache. On one hand IE8 doesnt give as much isolation as I would like, but sounds good. On the other hand the Triple Fi. sounds great and has isolation, but its huge and isnt easily stored. *sigh*
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