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 I don't know, maybe he already got his 812s. I meant Nomax as AKG insider now he can ask for a pair for evaluation in a UE loan program.
  Thanks anyway, I hope he will do.
 Where is Nomax when is needed for serious tasks.  
 Okay cool, take your time make some notes...meanwhile can you take a photo with the pads off? Just to see if they have the same looking. Thanks!
 With the K 70x series the locking mechanism needs to be the same, the shape can be a bit different to change the sound. 
FritzS, Hifiguy, do the K812 pads fit the K70x series?   Hifiguy, I'm waiting for your impression.  
 The first change I've notice with my K702 was after 80 hr, and the last chance was around 200+ hr. Anyway, if this will not chance the sound just go to the shop and offer the owner your hps and some cash for his old demo model.  
  I have those hps for a few years now and they sounds great, remind me of the HD-25 but more balanced. 
 After 200 hours burn in maybe you can take yours and compare to the one in the store.
  Well written review, very pro. I'm glad they mod the velour with covered back.
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