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 Is the ONLY way with the SPL amps and this manes the HD-800 sound coming out of the SPLs is the true sound off those hps without added any coloration.
 Agree! The SPL amps are very transparent no amp coloration added to the sound. I like the hd-800 only with tubes, but in this case the 800s are not going to be a studio hps!
What a great job on this review, love the honesty in the details!!   I think you're very right about those new foam pads and the fact they dont offer a second option pads for more relaxing sound.     After some personal experience with the HD-800, and no experience with the 812 I feel like I just want to try out the Stax flagship and forget for now about the flagship dynamic headphones.   
DJ aggression, not so much recommended but fun to watch,      
  Great job on the review, keep up the good work!
 What do you mean by "supercooled superconductor", gold? The cable conductor material can effect a bit the sound character of the drivers. 
 Copper cable, what brand? 
 Are you studio engineer, or recording artist? 
  Thanks guys! Sound promising to me, the solid midbass push me away a bit I hope is not that serious pump. Maybe next week the 812s will arrive to Israel and finally I'll be able to hear those gorgeous hps.
How is the burn in working for you guys, any audible changes?
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