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 I think FritzS have them as well. The mini meets is a great idea, and a K-812 loan program even better!
 For me this will do! Since I love the sound of my Phonitor as a monitor tool, my main problem with the 800s always was the treble.       
1. I think we needs a proper comparison between the K812 and the HD800 on high end SS amp like the SPL Phonitor with a pro DAC. 2. The burn in time of the K812 needs to be checked out as well. 3. The AKG cable well known to be cheap and not the best sounding.
 The frustrated life of the headfier!
 I hope you take into consideration the treble boost of the HD-800.
 I don't know, maybe he already got his 812s. I meant Nomax as AKG insider now he can ask for a pair for evaluation in a UE loan program.
  Thanks anyway, I hope he will do.
 Where is Nomax when is needed for serious tasks.  
 Okay cool, take your time make some notes...meanwhile can you take a photo with the pads off? Just to see if they have the same looking. Thanks!
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