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No worries, soon Nomax will popup by saying the K812 is better than HD-800 and Fostex is the best!
  Interesting observation, in my experience with the K702 and T1on the Phonitor I've found both hps to be very similar sounding hps. I do prefer the K702 because is more balanced compare to the boost in the bass and treble of the T1. I've found Those differences audible with the Apogee DAC as well with Violectric v800, here is more info: I hope the burn in will do only good.
  Is not more simple to collect here signatures for a EU loan program and to go directly to AKG?  I'm willing to help! 
 I've already ask them in the past but I'll try again, thanks! Maybe this time I'll ask them about the K812.    
  Yes the K702 still competing, but got upgrade with the Phonitor turbo charged. The Phonitor is about the price of the K812 and maybe is worth to exchange the Phonitor turbo charged for a green electric motor @ 36 Ohms. I don't have any big expectations from the Israeli music stores, and honestly they charge away above the international asking price. I'm happy to use ebay or any other good alternative. AKG main policy is to deal with your country distributor, but...
Review update, 11. 1. 2014 in the first page!
I just want to clarify, how is the 812s treble sound compare to the HD-800 spike treble?
  True reference hps do not need any EQ treble adjustments! BTW, AKG do care about the sound quality out of portable devices, because some of the pro recording equipment and monitoring equipment on the market have the same hps output quality as the portable devices. As well the K-812 needs to sound good also outside of the headfi community, this mean AKG target the pro musical market, and not necessary the headfiers. LOL, they just got it wrong with the price. I highly...
 Do the K-812 also have more treble spikes compare to the HD-800?
  Those have the same drivers as the 8.35 just more open and airy, great hps. I had them on a loan program, here is more info: Maybe Zombie_X have some inside photos of the drivers, I think he recable them.
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