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  The bass sound separation of the K-812 is notable better compare to the HD-800? As well what up with the treble, tizzy as the HD-800/T1?
  The LucIt/WaveIO drivers should work as a default output device, and with the help of the ASIO you should be able to switch between the sound softwares on your computer with out any problems, this is why ASIO is made for ( But obviously something wrong with those drivers. I'll try the new driver version soon.
Some sweet photos of the 8.35 by GM,       A bit more,    
  I meant a better latency by programming the FPGA chip, if there is one, or is the Xmos in charge of the latency issues. A better latency can effect the sound in a good way as well. BTW, my DPC latency checker shows 25-35us. I cant get under 256 samples @ 9.796 ms on Cubase 7.6, and this is a huge disappointment for me.   There is also this warning that supposed not to pop up, 
 Almost every single day I need disconnect and reconnect the USB cable some times 2-3 times a day, mostly happens in a critical moments when I'm working on Cubase (super annoying). A better latency will also be a plus with those drivers.
I hope the stability will be better with the newer one, thanks for the drive bogi!
 If I remember correctly the 1 # in the end of the number model is made with more bass, like the K500 and the K501, or the K400/ K401 K300/ K301. But looks like they maybe give up on this concept with the 601, 701 series. Lets put it this way, when you tell a pro studio guy about AKG his first thoughts will be about pro mic, or a studio hps like the famous AKG K-240. For example I had the K141 20 years ago as monitor tool in my studio. At AKG they'll made a product to be...
 All the AKG flagship hps are made for studio use, as well the K400, K500. 
 I totally agree! About the K-1000 I've heard only the light bass version, as well the treble is not extended as the K70x series but I can live with that.
No worries, soon Nomax will popup by saying the K812 is better than HD-800 and Fostex is the best!
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