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 You're right! sometimes I just connect them straight to my laptop hp out to check out how my finished product will sound on a regular setup. Even on this laptop setup the 8.35 aloud me hear my mix/mastering in great details. As a media player I use the foobar2000. 
Tomorrow Beniamin will bring his K812 again after intensive burn in, is there any particular things you guys want me to check out? 
  lol, I'm not sure if they know probably they are still testing out their options. They start the marketing with some dude listen to the K812 on ipod in front of his school and than on other commercial clip he was in the studio. Looks to me like they will shoot all over to increase the sales.  The Vienna dude pushing for studio and I'm quiet agree with him on the mixing/mastering. Maybe they're afraid to be rejected by the audiophile gentleman's 
Maybe we should test the K812 again in the near future after 250-350 hr of burn in. I wish I had the HD-800 during the impression to compare if the instrument separation/ sound image to the HD-800 to see if still stand again the K812. I'm sure the Phonitor did his part here, but again the K812 was notable better in the instrument separation/ sound image department.
 lol, and how the HD-800 looks like?
  Thanks man, I appreciate it! I'll need to ask Beniamin about the burn, what is your burn in hr recommendation? Maybe I'll have the chance to check them again in the near future and see the burn in effect /differences.   
For some time I was interested to check out the new K812 and I got my chance when Beniamin, a young headfier from Israel contact and ask me to test out his new K-812 for channel imbalance, and possibly some sound distortion in the right driver as well to check out the K-812 Phonitor combo.   I'll start directly with my first impression. Going from my K-702 to the K-812 what I noticed first was the sound separation with a very strong focus on details and sound resolution....
Its annoying to watch this happen, the major companies pushing the boom box sound as a standard/reference sound, what a sad joke! 
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