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With a bit of help I'm sure he will find the magic of music by listen to his dad hps.   About the noblehifi's review it is an interesting read and I'm assuming the JFB are the same hps as the GMP 8.35, about the analogy I'll just go with the 911, or the Golf GTI. I'm not really crazy about the DT 770pro, but I've got interested in the HP100 sound.   I've found those guys on youtube doing a great work with their sound reviews, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXD6wFEpYeA...
  Very cool, looks like your son getting in love with the hps concept, remind me my first encounter with headphones at age 7. My girlfriend completely destroyed 4 pairs of hps in the last year and she is always coming back to take my indestructible hps, in this rate I'll probably need to get her a pair too.
 The clarity of the 8.35's are a level above the Q40 in term of sound resolution. I dont have the Q40 here with me, but back in SF friend of mine had the Q40 and I had the opportunity to compare.
 I hope you're right about improvement of the instrument separation with a high end cable. If I remember correctly Marleybob217 recable his 8.35 with Mogami W2534. We'll probably needs to hear his impression again. I do have a quad cable ready from my K702 ( http://www.head-fi.org/t/378255/akg-k702-build-your-own-cable), but I'm not sure if both mini XLR connectors will hold up in my outdoor parties and in my DJ bag. Maybe for home/studio use this will do better, in my...
 Unfortunately I didn't got the chance to bring them back to my studio for the third time, buy I've found this great video review that let you hear what I was referring about the HD-800 lower treble spike, the T1 spikes and the K812 lowmid boost. 
 The Q40 are a bass head dream, the 8.35 are more balanced and a better sound resolution. Please let us know about your experience.  
 After 4 years my oval ear pads and the head foam got a bit flat, but I've found a way to push some foam in holes of the back of the oval pads and bring them to life. After 5 years they definitely hold up to their reputation as the indestructible headphones.
This is the wear and tear of my beloved 8.35 after almost 5 years of a daily use in the studio, DJ gigs at clubs and outdoor Goa parties. The vinyl tube/pipe cable got dry and start to crack and open up. I'll contact GM to try to get the same cable, I love the build and the sound quality of the original cable. lol, as well I'll need a new GMP logos on the side of the hps cups.    
I've found this video review to be spot on!  
 You can bend the headphones headband a bit to fit your head. 
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