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 lol, if he start taking about the treble boost maybe he knows what he taking about. It's sad but the HD-800 have a boost/peak in the treble area. Beyer did the same mistake with the T1  treble boost, and know to hear about the K812 same treble boost or worst is very frustrating for me after waiting a few years for AKG to make their move with a new flagship hps.  In a week or so the K812 will be in Israel and I'll be able to check them out. I'll take my Phonitor with me to...
yup, looks like this stand will flat those pads faster.
 Are you monitoring in studio with the HD-800?
  With a pro studio amp like the SPL Phonitor the HD-800 treble peak is very audible especially with electronic music. Now, to mix or master with 800s it can be very hard. First your mix/mastering can get dark, opposite to the treble peak. Second there is no studio monitor that I know to be boost by + 5 db in 20Hz area. As well Sennheiser never claim for the HD-800 to be a studio monitor headphones. Is possible to roll off the treble peak of the HD800 with some tube amp,...
  Closer to the Sony Qualia 010, but no carbon parts, no color pads, and no dual entry cable.
  A playback on different systems is always good, but eventually you'll need to know, learn and trust on one system as your main one. I do too have big hopes for the 812s, but I'm not in the rush because probably I'll need to change my main system again.  
You'll need to build a system around your hps, for me the K-702 with the Phonitor works best. Here is more info: There is this one as well,   BTW, the Stax studio hps are the 4070 model.
 The recording material is changing all the time, but the hps systems have one setup (most of the time). I'm not sure how much the K812 drivers are effected by a pro system, I mean probably will be some notable differences but I don't think differences will be as big as on the K70X,500/400 series.  In my experience headphones with a lower impedance get less effected by the headphones rig vs higher impedance hps. As well both options will need a matching systems to perform...
 After all those years, I'm still amazed about the bass resolution is going down and clean with a great note separation to the lower octave. Those are studio headphones.
I can highly recommend the GMP 8.35, here is more info:
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