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For sale XLR Balance Gallileo 238 short cable with Neutrik connectors. The cable sounds very flat pro studio cable 53 cm = 21 inch long. Paypal few and shipping worldwide included with the price. 
 The oval pads looks and feel different in my experience in a good way. About the sound you'll loose some of the magic feel of the intimacy of the original pads, but on the other hand you'll gain more soundstage, balance and sound brightness (with the dust net). With the new foams you'll still be on the warm side close to the sound of the original pads, just with a bigger soundstage. I just want to add that the oval pads with the dust net may not be for everyone at first,...
My 8.35 party out again with me!  
  For a open hps I prefer the K702 with my Phonitor combo for studio work. About the Fostex family, I want to try out the Fostex TH500RP. About the 20Hz subbass if you get the rumble right and clean in your hps you can roll off and help your mix/mastering. I like to do that with speakers in my treatment studio room but if you dont have a treatment studio room a good hps can give you a big help to get a decent mix in any work environment. As I said before, the 8.35 can...
 I'm sorry man, I dont agree with you on the muddy bass. In my experience the 8.35 bass have a great resolution from 20-25Hz this mean that you'll be able to translate the bass very well into your mix. The HD 600 are the only hps from your list that can make a decent job but you'll need to invest some money into a good hps amp to drive them to their top. On the other hand the 8.35 sound great even with any amp. Form this video looks like the only hps that can compete well...
 First, the 8.35 with the original pads are more balanced compared to the models you've mentioned here, even compare to m50 they're still better to mix on. I made a mod of the GMP parts in http://www.head-fi.org/t/406658/the-german-maestro-gmp-8-35-d-monitor-in-the-studio-serious-about-audio-indeed/60#post_5904579 You can try this mod for yourself, is not for everyone but is very flat NS10 style with better resolution of course. If you want the most flat hps for studio...
  You're definitely right, not only they have the original parts they are also improved those parts. On the oval pads they got this super soft and comfy material, remind me a very soft lamb leather. The best pads so far!  The new cable also got this matte finish compare to the old glossy one.  As well a new pad foam/ dust net with double sided foam type.  The job is done and they are getting back in service!   Back into the studio, time for some mixing and mastering. 
 Can you hear a better instrument separation of the K702 with your HD650?    
Wow this was fast the part are here thanks to Thomas! With all this part I got ready for another 5 years of joy and happiness with my 8.35       The new 8.35 cable is ready to get meet my soldering iron.     More sweet part to complete this mission,     GMP fancy stickers can be glued on the logo cups.   A lot of appreciation for a company that get the right attention to details.
Will be nice to ask those guy at the sonicsenseproaudio for a video/audio review of the Sennheiser HD650 vs AKG K702 65th vs Hifiman He50,   From this video I can easy tell the K702 have a better balance and instruments/ sound separation. Those probably the new 650s drivers, the treble sounds a lot better, but still some boost in the ;ower mids.    
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