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  Great job on the review, keep up the good work!
 What do you mean by "supercooled superconductor", gold? The cable conductor material can effect a bit the sound character of the drivers. 
 Copper cable, what brand? 
 Are you studio engineer, or recording artist? 
  Thanks guys! Sound promising to me, the solid midbass push me away a bit I hope is not that serious pump. Maybe next week the 812s will arrive to Israel and finally I'll be able to hear those gorgeous hps.
How is the burn in working for you guys, any audible changes?
 We should definitely offer to Sennheiser to use those dummy heads and make flat frequency response hps. In the past 3 years was some rumors around here about Sennheiser making a studio version of the HD-800, but today looks like those rumors are vanished.
 Yes I'm willing to compromise, but only to some degree. I mean for me hps are first a studio tool, this means I will not EQ them and then try to compensate for my dark mix. You can EQ the HD-800 if you want, but this can cause a butterfly effect in the sound dynamics to some songs especially after today loudness war that most of the music is mastered minimum of 6-to-9 dbs over just to fit the "industrial standards".   
    With the K702 for the last few years I let my guard down by hoping the Ultrasone titanium drivers nightmares are part of the forgotten past. lol, for now looks like this will hunt me for a few years more, my guess is and I'm not sure that Ultrasone titanium drivers had the same resonance problems just on biggest scale.  Thanks TwoEars, the Rin Choi blog is a great read.
 I hope the K-812 have the same flexibility in the drivers as the K70x to start smooth the sound after 120-180hr of burn in. Cable probably will help as well, but the question is to what degree.
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