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Review update, 11. 1. 2014 in the first page!
I just want to clarify, how is the 812s treble sound compare to the HD-800 spike treble?
  True reference hps do not need any EQ treble adjustments! BTW, AKG do care about the sound quality out of portable devices, because some of the pro recording equipment and monitoring equipment on the market have the same hps output quality as the portable devices. As well the K-812 needs to sound good also outside of the headfi community, this mean AKG target the pro musical market, and not necessary the headfiers. LOL, they just got it wrong with the price. I highly...
 Do the K-812 also have more treble spikes compare to the HD-800?
  Those have the same drivers as the 8.35 just more open and airy, great hps. I had them on a loan program, here is more info: Maybe Zombie_X have some inside photos of the drivers, I think he recable them.
  In the past I had the Lake People V100 and the Corda headfi. The V100 is a fun amp with great bass and soundstage, the treble is a bit rolled off, ideal for the RS1 or any other hps with treble spike. The Headfi (if sounds the same as the Jazz) is a very balanced sounding amp but for a long run can course some ear fatigue. My recommendation is the SPL Phonitor, but this is not a cheap option.  About the burn in time maybe will be a second sound change after 80-120, as...
 I meant acoustic treatment for your room/studio. The acoustic treatment of your K702 are fixed, but you can mod the sound by using the the K712 pads.
 Not day and night, more like 10-20% audible differences with better focus sound separation and a bit more air in between the instruments.  In my experience acoustic treatment for your room will be very important.
As I said, this combo probably will work more than fine. I'm under the impression of the Audio 10 having the same headphones amp unit as the NI Kontrol 1sound card. Here is more info:   As well you'll need around 200 hours of burn in for the K702 to sound the best. A better cable can help a bit too,
Out of my Kontrol 1 the K702 sounds good and is a great start for any music productions. With the time I've got the SPL Phonitor for the K702, as well I upgrade my DAC for a better result.   I'm assuming the Audio 10 interface have the same hps amp unite as the old Kontrol 1, but I'm not sure you'll need to check this out.
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