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 My reference to a balanced sound hps are the AKG-240DF, Pioneer monitor 10 and the DT48S. Even the GMP 250/240 I'll consider them be balanced hps. The highend balanced hps will be for me the Stax 4070, and the Sony Qualia 010. If hps have any FR emphasis I'm not sure you can call them balanced, but this is only my 2 cents.   
  The first time a balanced sound is shocking! You'll need some time to get used to it, but it's not mandatory!~
 I dont know the T20p yet, but the oval pads with the dust net driver cover will bring a great flat sound out of the 8.35.
 Maybe you'll change your mind again.  
 Ha, it's not just ones, I get them dirty almost every dizzy weekend!
This is how my 8.35 looks after a rave in the Israeli desert.   
  The mini XLR looks great! Many K-702 cables out there to try out, here is how to make it and some impressions : http://www.head-fi.org/t/378255/akg-k702-build-your-own-cable
 The pads are not so new anymore, thickness is about the 2 cm but overtime I think is the foam type more important.
W-10, H-10.5. Inner W-5, H-7 cm.
For sale Klotz spdif cable 75 ohm, with Amphenol connectors. The cable sound very balance, open with tight bass. Best components on the pro studio market, the cable is 102 cm = 40 inch long.     Paypal few and shipping worldwide included with the price. 
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