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  Now you made me even more interested in those hps, maybe is time to test them on the Phonitor.   I wonder if there is any frequency response graph available to see where they stand at the 62Hz. The vorzuge pure II sounds good, I'll check  about it! I miss your amp (self designed Baritone 1) and I hope made another one!
And there is this sweet comparison,  
By replacing the K7xx pads with the K702 pads I think you get them more balanced over the sound spectrum.
 As a studio guy compressed sound is a scary tone. Looks like after the K701 AKG just keep adding more bass, probably 3db per model. 
  Just out of curiosity have you tried the K701/2, I mean the first models?  
 Yes of course, but this wasn't my intention.  
 If I'll buy the EL-8 I'll be very happy to know that I can take them apart and put them back in a easy way. As well will be great for me to know that I can change the cap grill to my liking just by buying the grill of my opposite model.
  Well, money talks engineers walks! In the end of the day with all the versions out there everyone win and everyone get to find some K-70W love.
I im not upset I bought my closed el8s they are simple great hps very versatiles and easy driven evry time I hear music they put a smile in my face Hi Bari, did you try to open them up, I mean to open up cork and reveal the naked driver? like the open version without the aluminum protected net. I do hope they share the same drivers as the open version.
The K701/2 models are a step up for any headfier the moment he realized is not a basshead anymore. Those models offer way more as a pro tool in the studio compare to the other hps even above 1K. I glad to see those AKG models selling strong after almost 10 years and I even more glad to see that project86 appreciate those great hps.
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