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You'll need to build a system around your hps, for me the K-702 with the Phonitor works best. Here is more info: There is this one as well,   BTW, the Stax studio hps are the 4070 model.
 The recording material is changing all the time, but the hps systems have one setup (most of the time). I'm not sure how much the K812 drivers are effected by a pro system, I mean probably will be some notable differences but I don't think differences will be as big as on the K70X,500/400 series.  In my experience headphones with a lower impedance get less effected by the headphones rig vs higher impedance hps. As well both options will need a matching systems to perform...
 After all those years, I'm still amazed about the bass resolution is going down and clean with a great note separation to the lower octave. Those are studio headphones.
I can highly recommend the GMP 8.35, here is more info:
  The bass sound separation of the K-812 is notable better compare to the HD-800? As well what up with the treble, tizzy as the HD-800/T1?
  lol, if the burn in changes are audible, what scientific proof do you need? Suggest you should trust your ears!
  Tyll is not a good example with AKG, he is Sennheiser dude. About the 70X burn in, if the changes are audible this means the burn in work.
  The LucIt/WaveIO drivers should work as a default output device, and with the help of the ASIO you should be able to switch between the sound softwares on your computer with out any problems, this is why ASIO is made for ( But obviously something wrong with those drivers. I'll try the new driver version soon.
Some sweet photos of the 8.35 by GM,       A bit more,    
  I meant a better latency by programming the FPGA chip, if there is one, or is the Xmos in charge of the latency issues. A better latency can effect the sound in a good way as well. BTW, my DPC latency checker shows 25-35us. I cant get under 256 samples @ 9.796 ms on Cubase 7.6, and this is a huge disappointment for me.   There is also this warning that supposed not to pop up, 
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